How to unblock an email or contact in AOL Mail?

Knowingly or unknowingly, you may have blocked contact in your AOL mail account due to which you are not able to send or receive emails from that particular contact. When you block a contact in AOL, the messages sent by him go directly to your spam folder. The spam blocking feature is one of the best things about using AOL mailing services. However, if you have recently realized that you need to send that blocked contact an important email. Hence, you need to unblock that contact from your AOL login account so that you can send or receive emails from that email address.

Well, the process to unblock a contact in AOL is not difficult and can be done by performing a simple procedure. Thus, to do that, you should follow and apply the steps that I have discussed in the section given below. Before beginning the procedure, make sure that you remember your aol mail login credentials as you might need them during the process to move out a contact from your spam list. 

The process to unblock an account on AOL

If you follow the instructions provided below with care, then the process to unblock a contact in an AOL login account would be easier for you. Before you begin, make sure that you remember his screen name or email address. Else, the process would be a little difficult. 


If you do not remember the screen name or email address of the person you want to unblock, then you should go to your spam folder and check out his emails. You’ll definitely find his email address in the spam folder. Further, you can copy his email address from there and paste it in the search bar available on the main page of the AOL login account.