Pain Management Devices Market: Is Covid19 testing the healthcare industry? 

The Global Pain Management Devices Market Size will benefit from increasing regulatory approvals for neuromodulation devices in recent years. According to a report published by Fortune Business Insights, titled “Pain Management Devices Market Analysis, Insights and Forecast, 2019-2026,” the market was valued at US$ 3,922.9 Mn in 2018. Fortune Business Insights states that the market will reach US$ 8,046.3 Mn by 2026, exhibiting a CAGR of 9.4%.

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Segmentation of Pain Management Devices Market

By Product Type

·       Electrical Stimulation Devices

·       RF Ablation Devices

·       Neuromodulation Devices

·       Infusion Pumps

By Application

·       Musculoskeletal

·       Brain

·       Cancer

·       Neuropathy

By End User

·       Physiotherapy Centers

·       Hospitals and Clinics

By Geography

·       North America

·       Europe

·       Asia Pacific