How to sign up and log in for hp Instant Ink?

Why steps out when you can get your ink cartridges delivered to your doorstep? Yes, you read that right. With HP Instant Ink facility, you can get the genuine hp ink cartridges right from the hp store to your house. Just not that, these ink cartridges are cheaper which means anyone having an HP printer can afford it. But, the question is how you can get your hands on it? Well, you just need to go through the hp Instant Ink login process, choose your plan, and you are good to go. 

How does HP’s Instant Ink service work?

As soon as the user signs up or register himself to this service, he is entitled to get the benefits attached to it. When your printer runs out of ink, it will let the service providers know about the same. And, when they know it, they will send you the cartridges according to the chosen plan without having to order them.

The method to sign up for hp Instant Ink service

1.       Go to

2.       Tap on the ’Sign up now’ button.

3.       Choose the desired plan:

·         Light printing plan

·         Occasional printing plan

·         Moderate printing plan

·         Frequent printing plan

·         Business printing plan

4.       To choose a plan, tap ’Select’ under it.

5.       On the sign-up page, enter:

·         First name

·         Last name

·         Email address

·         Create password

·         Confirm password

·         Choose your country

6.       Complete the captcha.

7.       Opt-in for personalized offers

8.       Hit the ’Sign up’ button.

Now, that you are well-versed with the sign-up process, it is time to learn the HP Instant Ink login method. 

Hp Instant Ink login steps

1.       Go to

2.       Enter your username or the email address.

3.       Tick-mark the box next to ’Remember Me.’ (Optional)

4.       Tap ’Next’ to continue.

5.       Now, enter your password and select ’Sign in’.


Once you complete the HP Instant Ink login process, you can place an order for the cartridges, change or plan, or do any other related task. From here, you can also change the ink delivery address if you are shifting to a new place or opt-out of the Instant Ink service as well.