How to remove the limitation from a PayPal Business account?

Due to certain suspicious or unrecognized activities from your account, PayPal imposes some restrictions on your account after which you are unable to make any further transactions. In case your account is facing such kind of limitations, it doesn’t always mean that any unauthorized or illegal activity is recorded from it. Sometimes, PayPal Customer Service does so in order to help provide the much-needed protection to both parties.

In case you are unaware of the account limitation being imposed on your Business account, then you must know that it is a kind of restriction that puts a stop to any future activity from your account until that restriction is lifted off. So, you must try your hands at getting this limitation off from your account, be it a personal or business account.

The way to lift or remove PayPal account limitation

To know if your account is facing a limitation, you must check the inbox of your registered email address and look for an email from PayPal Customer Service. PayPal always sends an email to the users if any restriction is imposed on their account. If your account is being restricted, follow the resolution steps as given below:

Effective tips for faster removal of limitations


If you are sure that you have completed all the necessary steps and provided the essential documents as well, but still the limitation is not lifted from your PayPal Business account, then you must seek assistance from PayPal Customer Service.