12 Ways Electronic Health Records Can Improve Patient Care

Electronic health record (EHR) usage has seen its prime during the last few years. It is the method by which paper-based patient health records are converted into digital formats. Many hospitals are adopting this technology. In 2008, it was lesser than 10%. In 2015, it was nearly 84% in accordance with the U.S federal data. Adoption is the only way by which healthcare providers can experience the complete power of EHRs to improve the health of people.

Wondering how electronic health records improve patient care?

Keith Horvath, MD, senior director for clinical transformation at the AAMC says that it is just at the infancy level for improving patient care. He went on to add that the first step to improving patient’s health is to adopt. It would require converting the analog paper charts into the required digital form. Another important goal is to improve billing as well as claim submissions. From that point of view, it is a powerful tool.

12 Benefits of Electronic Health Records for Better Patient Care

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