How do I change my Cash App login details?

Are you planning to change your phone number with which you have primarily created your account? Well, this particular situation could arise because of several different reasons. One of the most obvious reasons why you are changing your Cash App login phone number because your phone is stolen.

In this scenario, you do not have any other option but to change the account information or login details. The old cash app users are aware of the fact that Cash App allows its users to create their accounts with multiple phone numbers.

In view of that, we can say that it is quite easy to change your cash app account information. Once you change your Cash App login details successfully, you have to log in using that phone number.

Another important thing you should note that the same method applies if you want to change your email address.

Steps to change Cash App account info

Those who do not know the correct method to update Cash App account details should follow the instructions given below carefully:

Note: Before you can begin with this process, you should update your Cash App application in order to avoid any hassle.

In case the number you have just now added is already in use, then you need to complete additional steps in order to update it. In certain scenarios, you will be asked to verify your account before you can proceed further in the process.