Quick Steps for Quicken Online Backup 

Total financial control, that’s what Quicken says on its home website which is really true and it’s a boon for those who are looking out for reliable software to manage their finances. One more thing that attracts a lot of people to this excellent money management tool is Quicken online backup. Indeed it’s the icing on the cake and adds to other arsenals of Quicken benefiting lots of users like you and us. 

Often Dropbox is used as supporting storage to back up the Quicken files online. All it takes is to set up Dropbox on your PC and pick & drop your Quickes file or backups in a Dropbox folder. Now every time any changes are made to the files, they will be automatically backed up in Dropbox. Isn’t it amazing? Well, that’s what fascinated us to write a detailed description and steps for you to backup your important Quicken files easily. After all, finances shouldn’t be put at risk.