How to add or remove email accounts on Yahoo?

Adding or removing an email account in Yahoo is as simple as s child’s play and completed in a few

simple steps. So, if you are also looking for the method to add and remove an account on Yahoo, then

you are on the right page. As soon as you link another email account to your Yahoo profile, your Yahoo

account will become a destination for all your email accounts. This is means you can easily access your

email accounts in one place. However, before you begin the process to link or unlink a Yahoo account,

make sure you have your Yahoo mail login credentials handy.

Method to link an account with Yahoo

1. First of all, you have to sign in to your Yahoo account

2. For this, enter your Yahoo mail login details correctly

3. Next up, you need to click on your “Profile” icon

4. Followed by this, click on the option reading as “Add another mailbox”

5. In case you have multiple primary Yahoo mail accounts, then select the desired one

6. Then, choose your email service provider

7. Enter the email address and password of that account

8. If any prompts appear, complete them one by one

Method to unlink an account on Yahoo

1. If not signed in, first sign in to your account

2. Then, click on the “Profile” icon at the top

3. Furthermore, choose the “Settings” option

4. Click on the “Manage Mailbox” setting from the list

5. Locate the desired email address and choose “X” next to it

6. To confirm your action, choose “remove” or “Ok”


By logging in to your Yahoo mail account using the Yahoo mail login credentials, you can easily access

your account and make use of all the settings that are given on the taskbar. You can not only link or

unlink your email account on Yahoo, but also link Yahoo to another email client such as Gmail,

Thunderbird, etc. If required, you will be prompted to enter the POP3, SMTP, or IMAP settings of your

email account for the syncing purpose.