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I stand behind my work, with over 20 years experience in the roofing industry. I will stop the leak. Guaranteed! When I say “I,”  what I mean is that I do all my work myself. As the old saying goes “if you want it done right, you need to do it yourself.” If you should have a problem in the future, I will return your phone call and return to fix the problem at no charge. I specialize in chimney repair, flat roof coatings, and skylight repair and installation. I can fix them with a new flashing system, roof coating, or high quality patch work; using the best materials on the market for Roofing Repair Tigard !


Too many roofers perform poor quality work because they know the customer will never see what they did. Often your roof, skylight or chimney will leak again the next time it rains. I take before, during, and after photos of each job. Not only will you be able to see what I have done, but what others have failed to do. To me, honesty is priority one.


Feel free to take a look at my web albums and photo shows. Thank you for considering my services.


Chimney leak repair and flashing systems

chim21I offer total flashing system replacement on chimneys and skylights. Chimneys are a problem area that often require new flashing rather than just a tar patch to provide a long-lasting solution to chimney leaks.


I use Ice and Water Shield as an underlayment to provide for maximum protection from ice damage.


You can view some of my chimney flashing replacements and Roofing Repair Tigard on my web slide shows located at the top right of this page. Click on the photo of the chimney. You can also find photos of my work on my blog.chim11a1


While I’m a leak repair specialist and not a “roofing contractor,” I do follow the standards set by GAF, CertainTeed, and the NRCA Repair Manuals.

Angie’s List reviews

As well, I have an A-1 rating on Angie’s List. 


“We had several companies out who told us we needed a new roof or extensive repairs and they wouldn’t warranty any repairs. Jines told us the roof was good for at least a couple of years and gave a thorough explanation as to how and why the roof leaked and how to repair it. Then he fixed the roof, charged a reasonable price, and offered a two year warranty. Member Comments: He came out when he said he was going to. His price was pretty reasonable. The leak on the second floor stopped, so he fixed the problem.”


Thanks for the good word!


I had a leaking roof near my chimney. They came in and fixed it, putting in new flashing and shingles.


I haven’t had any problems with the roof leaking since, and I was happy with their work. I was happy that they actually called me back and showed up on time, and that he was willing to repair the roof rather than suggesting replacing it. He seemed very trustworthy.


Repairing chimneys, skylights, and flashing on slate or cedar in Tigard

Call Charlie Jines, your best choice for leak repairs in the Tigard area.


Certified Master Shingle Applicator


I have experience in both slate and cedar shake roofing systems. This photo was taken while I was a foreman for a roofing company in New Orleans.  This is the St. Louis Cathedral located in the French Quarters.


Slate and cedar roofing require special tools and know-how. Repairing chimneys and skylights on these roofing systems requires further specialized knowledge and tools.


Don’t trust just anyone to repair your chimney, skylight, or flashing system on slate or cedar roofing. Make sure the person you hire has the proper experience with these roofing materials.


Anyone can slap some tar around your chimney, skylight, or roof leak. If you want it fixed correctly call a professional who has the tools and knowledge to do the job right.



 Emergency Leak Repair Tigard

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