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Thomas W Cenforce 100 mg UK | Quality Generic 
The brand name for the drug
Cenforce 100 is the brand's name created through Centurion Pharmaceuticals in India. The product is sildenafil citrate, a salt used to treat male sexual issues like Erectile disorder (ED). The drug is available in various sizes, with a variety of prices based on the needs of the patient. This is an Rx medication, i.e., it can be bought when a doctor prescribes this medication to patients on an item of paper known as a prescription. Similar salts are sold in the USA under the brand name Viagra made through one of the major players in the pharmaceutical companies, i.e., Pfizer.
The drug
Cenforce 100 mg has sildenafil, the generic name for citrate, with a dose that is 100 milligrams. The medication is prescribed in cases where a man does not experience a satisfying sexual erection while having sexual relations. Sildenafil causes the penis to harden and an extended sexual erection. Cenforce 100 mg is sold on all platforms.
About salts of the drug
Sildenafil citrate is a drug that works by dilating the blood vessels and by increasing the flow of blood towards the penis. This improves the time of erection to ensure that males can enjoy pleasure in sex throughout the night. There are many alternatives to this specific medication. Viagra is available in the USA, Shilajeet is a natural treatment, and Tadalafil and Vardenafil are a few examples. However, it is recommended to begin with the lowest dose. Based on the results, you can increase the dose if required.
Medical Uses of the Drug
Cenforce can be used to treat sexual disorders, commonly referred to as impotence. If a man does not experience erection in sexual activity or sexual intimacy, sildenafil helps erect the penis by increasing blood flow into the penis. The problem is usually seen among males over 30 years of age. The cause could be age or health conditions like diabetes, hypertension and anxiety. The medication is usually taken 30 minutes before having sex, but a shorter treatment for the specific condition.
It is also a prolonged duration treatment alternative to treat Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension(PAH) for males and females. 
The action of a drug
The tablet can block the enzyme phosphodiesterase 5, a protein Sildenafil enhances cGMP accumulation within the penis, resulting in increased blood flow.
The best time to take the pill should be 30 mins before sexual activity. It should be taken with a full stomach or, ideally, 2 hours after consuming food, along with plenty of water.
Effects on the side
The severity of adverse effects varies from individual to person because of the unique genetic characteristics of each individual. Some of the side effects that are associated with this medication include:
Headache, nausea or dizziness
Diarrhoea or vomiting
Persistent loss of sight, whether permanent or temporary
Loss of hearing, either temporary or for life
Urine with blood
Pain in penis
Heartbeat irregularity
The majority of these side effects happen when the medication isn't taken with appropriate precautions that are in line with the usage of this salt.
How do I make use of
The tablet should be consumed by mouth. It is recommended to take it with a full stomach to lessen the chance of the side effects associated with this tablet.
If the dose is not taken, you should take another dose within thirty minutes after sexual activity.
Avoid overconsuming the drug to enhance the likelihood of having an erection. It could cause severe adverse reactions.
There is no need to take this medication every day; take it once a day. That is also before sexual activity.
Organic Nitrates: Nitrates are utilized to treat cardiac diseases to boost blood flow within blood vessels. Sildenafil is a sildenafil-based drug that, when consumed, could result in increased bloodstream cGMP levels that could exceed the safe margin.
Stimulators of the camp include medications like Riociguat, which may cause dangerous cGMP levels in the blood.
Protease inhibitor antiviral including efavirenz, nevirapine and others, can cause a delay in the absorption process of sildenafil into the body.
How to stay clear of taking the medication
Do not take this medication if it causes any of the following:
Allergies: The individual may have sensitivity to any of the constituents of the drug.
Auditory impairment If ringing is evident in the ears, the drug should be stopped as soon as it is detected.
Cardiac problems: This can cause stress on the muscles of the heart.
Priapism: If the erection lasts longer than four hours, this could cause extreme pain
Things to avoid while taking the drug
The consumption of grapefruit and the consumption of the drug could slow sodium absorption into the body.
Consuming large meals like fries or cheeseburgers could result in a delay in absorption.
Do not take any herbal medicine or vitamins with sildenafil. Discuss with your physician about each medication you are taking before switching to Cenforce 100mg
General Information
·         Make use of Cenforce 100 mg only if your physician recommends it.
·         Use the medicine according to the directions.
·         Do not take more than one medication every day.
·         See your physician if you are experiencing any adverse reactions
Alcohol, The combination of alcohol and the medication can bring blood pressure to an unhealthy degree. Therefore, avoid using alcohol while taking treatment.
Birth: Consumption of this medication in pregnant women could be disastrous since it could cause congenital disabilities in the fetus.
The lactation process: Cenforce 100mg for breastfeeding mothers is not advised as drug metabolites are absorbed into milk.
Children: The use of this drug for children under 18 years old is not suggested. It can increase the risk of death among children.
Driving: Use of this medication while driving isn't permitted as such.
The tablets should be kept at temperatures at room temperature. Avoid direct sunlight falling on it because it can result in the oxidation of the drug. Also, don't store the drug in humid and humid environments because it could cause destruction.
Strength of cenforce 100
Cenforce 100
Cenforce d
Cenforce Soft 100
Cenforce Professional 100
Cenforce FM 100

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