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Devora Gascon

7 days ago
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Devora G Blackjack - One Of The Most Liked slot gacor Casino Games
It is true. Blackjack is one of the most popular table games in all the Casinos. Just walk through the table games areas and notice how many blackjack tables are there compared to all the others. That is because it is an easy game to play and with the correct strategy, a player can get an advantage against the dealer, or at least lessen the dealer’s advantage.
How would a player accomplish this? Well the first thing is you need a good sound strategy. This strategy is really very basic but is vital to having success at the blackjack table. Here are some simple rules you should always follow;
1) Always assume the dealers down card is a 10. This is playing the probabilities, or odds. This also means if a dealer is showing a 5 or 6, then his probability of busting is very high. You would want to stand on anything that you could bust on and hit on anything that you won’t bust on. This includes an Ace and 6 which gives you a 7 or 17. This is referred to as a soft seventeen. Double this down and watch your bankroll grow, not every time, but more than not.
2) Do not ever play a hunch or gut feeling. This will ruin the table for you and your fellow players. The odds are a much more accurate indication than a hunch.
3) Know when to hit, stand, split and double down. So often what to do depends on the dealers hand as well as yours. In blackjack, it is very important that you follow a proper blackjack strategy. You should learn these blackjack strategy rules, or obtain a blackjack strategy card. If a player tells you a blackjack strategy card is developed by the house to increase the house advantage, and they won’t play by it, get up and move to a different blackjack table. They will suck your pockets empty for the casino. The casinos love these types of players.
There are many other important strategies that could, and should be developed along with in game strategies. They include, but are not limited to how to pick a winning table, what type of player you want to have at your table (don’t sit down if other players don’t use proper strategy), how to count cards and how to get a dealer to help you (you should be tipping the dealer even if you are losing, they are providing a service to you). Find other resources on these subjects and educate yourself. Your favorite sports team couldn’t win without a complete game plan, and you can’t either!
Good Luck!
Counting Cards to Win At Blackjack
First, casinos hate card counters. It takes away the advantage they have at the blackjack table. But card counting is not illegal as long as you don’t use any devices to help you accomplish this. Did you ever wonder why some casinos use automatic shufflers? This is the reason. If you were suspected of card counting at a casino, you probably would be told to leave by security. Blackjack card counting is an advanced strategy that will take considerable concentration at the blackjack table. Counting is a term used to describe the system you will use to keep track of whether the blackjack shoe has more high cards, or low cards or 7,8 or 9’s left to distribute. A shoe filled with 10 value cards increases your chances of winning, while a shoe filled with lower cards increases the advantage of the house. If you know the shoe is filled with 10 value cards, then you will want to increase your slot gacor  accordingly. Get aggressive, but not to aggressive since you are being watched. A sudden, very large increase in your bet will get the pit bosses attention and he will suspect you of card counting.
Card counting in blackjack is not done by memorizing each card that has come out of the shoe. If you could do that you should be a huge winner at everything you do in life. We count cards by assigning a value to each card that comes out of the shoe. This includes the dealer cards and all other players cards at the table. This is called the running count. Based on a plus or minus system, here are the values assigned;
1) 2,3,4,5,6 = +1
2) 7,8,9= 0
3) 10,J,Q,K,Ace= -1
So if these cards are on the table 9, J, 2, 4, 6, 10, you would have a running count of +1 (0, -1, +1, +1, +1, -1) This would mean you have one less low card in the shoe. The later you get in the shoe the more true the count becomes, so you should bet accordingly. Also, you could take the running count and divide it by the number of decks left in the shoe. The larger the number, the more sure you can be of your count.
So there you have a quick overview of card counting. The more experienced you become at it, the easier it gets. This strategy should be used with other successful st

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