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709 days ago
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paypal login is one of the best, user-friendly payment platforms. Moreover, it facilitates payments that take place via online transfers between different parties.
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1140 days ago
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To start sending money with a PayPal login account you need to confirm the bank account on it. There are two methods to verify your bank account number on PayPal. If you have created a PayPal account recently and are looking to confirm a bank account on your Pay account then refer to this post.
PayPal is a mobile payment service that facilitates you to send and receive payments from individuals or businesses. To access all these services and features PayPal allows you to register for an account. You can add the payment option to your PayPal account easily. If you have added your bank account on PayPal then you have to confirm it.
Methods to confirm Bank account number on PayPal
There are two methods to confirm your bank account number. We have mentioned both the methods below:
Method 1: Providing online bank account credentials
  • Now, log in to your PayPal account
  • Then, on the PayPal bank page, enter the username and password for your online bank account
  • PayPal will match this information with your bank to confirm your bank account number
Method 2: Request PayPal Random Deposit

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