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140 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Irvin Chen 140 days ago
Lightning Talks at MozTW Lab
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223 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Irvin Chen 223 days ago
Common Voice in g0v33
Irvin C t.me/moztwCV
slack @irvin
  • (坑主時差中)
  • Mozilla 
  • Firefox
  • 不同裝置的瀏覽器
  • 智慧音箱
  • VR
  • 電視
  • 語音輸入
  • AI 工程師
  • 一百多種語言
  • 沒有錢
  • 沒有資料
  • 自己收集
  • 總語言 1300 h
  • 18 語言
  • CC0
  • 句庫:三千句CC0日常對話
  • double in H1
  • 52h / 已釋出 30h
  • ~700人參與錄音
  • 其他 Mozilla 相關的坑也可以找我
  • moztw.org / mozilla products
  • 摩茲工寮場地免費提供開放xx專案使用
  • moztw.org/space
1. 語言學 
2. AI 背景 (deep speech or voice recognize) 
3. 對語音庫運用有興趣 (語音合成 or other)
4.想推動台語 / 其他本地語言語音收集 (整理 CC0 無版權句庫)
5.建立 CC0 句庫
  • node text-tools.js -c all.txt CnsPhonetic2016-08v2.cin
  • Total numbers of phonetic in CnsPhonetic2016-08v2.cin are 1567
  • Numbers of phonetic from 2015 characters in all.txt are 861
  • We have cover 54.95% of the pronunciations.
裡面有許多參考資料 > Common Voice 句庫松 II (2019/2/23) 
236 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Irvin Chen 236 days ago
Common Voice 句庫松 II (2019/2/23)
265 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Irvin Chen 265 days ago
Firefox fight for you 中文台詞
Irvin C Your life is your business.
Not ours.
With Firefox, what’s personal
stays private.
We make the choices clear,
And keep your data safe,
Never sold.
Live your life. 
Own your life.
Firefox fights for you.
Fights for you
305 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Irvin Chen 305 days ago
Internet Policy
Irvin C Keeping It Real News with Baratunde Thurston   0:51
Victory for Net Neutrality - Thank You   0:58
Members (25)
Aries Cs 王文 Ming Tsay Liang-chih ShangKuan Supaplex Lu Tsuna toppy hung RJ Hsiao Robert Wei (Freedman) Kevin Chiu ettoolong 咪咕 黃坤賢 源丁 yfliao Arey Liu Wildsky Fann Yuan Chiu Ett Chung Ming Tsay

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