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The future of live Bollywood entertainment is here. ShowFest is a membership program that offers exciting experiences every year plus additional benefits throughout the year and is a great way to see your favorite artists from Bollywood live. In this article, you’ll learn about five things you need to know about ShowFest.
1) What is ShowFest?
ShowFest is your membership to a live entertainment platform. It’s a revolutionary way of attending Bollywood live events and gaining access to members-only offers throughout the year. Access live Bollywood concerts and experiences across North America. Gain access to 7 Live Bollywood experiences from your favorite artists
2) Benefits of being a member:
Being a member has many perks, including exclusive access pass opportunities, early access to special events, and a growing list of annual members-only benefits. Here are a few of them.
  • 5 Live Experiences with Preselected spots
  • 2 Music Festivals

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