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Miami International Airport is one of the biggest airports in the U.S. It was first established in 1928, and majorly serves citizens of the Caribbean and Latin countries. It is found in the Southern part of Florida between Miami city, Hialeah, Doral and Miami springs.
It covers approximately 3,300 acres of land. This airport is managed by the Miami-Dade Aviation unit, but is owned by the Miami-Dade County government. Since it is used for both travel and cargo transportation, it is known to be a very busy airport.
In comparison with the U.S airports, Miami ranked at the 1st and 2nd position in freight and passenger transportation. This is the reason why it has been placed in the 6th position for the various operations undertaken and 12th total number of passengers recorded.
However, globally Miami International Airport stands at the 9th position for international cargo, 26th for the total number of international travelers received and 23rd for different activities involved.
Majority of passengers are from Europe, America and Asia. This explains why many aircrafts are accommodated in the airport. These include the FedEx Express and UPS that are used in transporting luggage. It also harbors the LAN and Avianca aircrafts that deal in both passenger and cargo transportation. It is the main center for the charter airline Miami Air.
Other passenger and cargo airlines that are found in Miami International Airport are the American Eagle and America Airlines. Moreover, the airport houses the Airbus A380 jumbo jet that is only found in six other international airports in the world.
The climate conditions in Miami lie between temperatures of 25 degrees and 21 degrees. According to 2013 statistics recorded about the airport, there have been a total of 40.6 million passengers.
This entails approximately 20.4 million domestic and 20.2 million international passengers. On average, the daily number of passengers the airport records is approximately 800,000. This is inclusive of the weekly daily average of 120,000 and every weekend average of 116,000 passengers who use the airport. This data shows how the airport is well utilized and serves a lot of people.
Statistics on the quantity of freight transported in the airport is about 1.8 million and 258,000 U.S. tons from international and domestic destinations respectively. This amounts to a total value of 2.1 million U.S tons. In 2014, recent research shows that in the first quarter, the number of destinations were 139 and 12 for the Non-stop and One-stop categories.
Increase in demand for services from the airport has led to a drastic rise in traffic. The growth of the U.S economy has also contributed to the increased travel rates. So many people land and take off from the airport. It can be observed that, especially in peak seasons, the airport receives more passengers that it can accommodate.

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