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967 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Karthika M 967 days ago
Construction data analytics software
MissionOS is a bespoke software platform for the display and interpretation of construction data. The Construction data analytics software utilises a robust, configurable, back-office database to process the construction data before displaying it on a fast, ultra-light web interface using toolsets to enable rapid interrogation anywhere that has an internet connection.
The key features of the back office database include the processing and auditing of all types of construction data. Efficient storing of the data means that web-based queries from the portal interface are much faster.
The web-based interface provides a much more visual representation of the data making spatial interpretations quicker and easier. Areas where problems are developing can be rapidly identified and action taken to mitigate if necessary.
Loading, processing, audit, management, analysis, display & reporting
  • Import any data format for any data
  • Data checks on import
  • Transparent calibration processes
  • Automatic error correction
  • Heartbeat function

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