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A major trend in the criminal justice relates to three strike law. This law requires that criminals who have committed a serious crime for a third time should be detained for not less than 25 years, and the maximum imprisonment is life sentence. This trend in criminal justice has had high impacts on the criminal justice. In the first place, the trend has improved the security in the society where it is applied since dangerous criminals are removed from society. The law was adopted considering that people who engage in serious criminal offenses more than twice, demonstrate that they are not ready to change and fit back to the society. The challenge in the application of the law is that such long sentences cost the government a lot of money.
The trends in the criminal justice system improve the connections between the criminal justice and the society. The trends make the society feel that the criminal justice is making improvements in a bid to improve the security situations in the society. With that understanding, the society gives the necessary support to the criminal justice system and this makes the work of the criminal justice system easier. When their work becomes easier, they are motivated to improve their services to the society.
If such connections were severed, the criminal justice system would be demoralized since the system provides help to people who are not positive on their efforts. The work of the criminal justice system would be very difficult, and this could result to inefficiency in the provision of services. The negative effects of this would be that the criminal activities in the society would increase. The society would suffer a lot if such condition occurs.
In conclusion, trends in the criminal justice system are important in bringing the system closer to the society making their work easier. The society benefits a lot from such events.
1163 days ago
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Google cloud platform is a leading suite of cloud computing services offered by Google. It is the same platform that is used by leading consumer products like Google Search, Gmail, YouTube, etc. Also known as GCP, it offers reliable and scalable computing power, memory, storage, and analytics. Google Cloud Platform accelerates the transformation journey of businesses through services like infrastructure modernization, enterprise data management, application modernization using containerization, cloud-native capabilities, threat detection and security management, app extensibility services, and workplace collaboration. Cloud computing is a clear technology choice for most companies because it delivers IT resources on-demand thus helping them to scale, innovate, profit, and grow with agility. There is an increasing demand for qualified Cloud architects and practitioners in today's world and there cannot be a better start than with GCP. Google Cloud Platform training helps you to upskill yourself and land your dream job.
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Edison Kinetoscope Films 1894-1896

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