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InspiredWall teakwood accent walls are both visually stunning and certified good for the environment because they're made of 100% recycled teak wood. And because they're handcrafted from 100-year-old teak that's been rescued from the landfill, you will have the one-of-a-kind accent wall you've been looking for. And this unstained Au Naturel panel is beautiful just the way it is or can be stained, if desired. Visit teak wood accent wall
1172 days ago
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Revenue cycle management optimization companies have been talking about automation for years.  
Automation is not a secret, yet many organizations are not investing in automation in the right way.  
A strategic approach to investing can work wonders for your organization. Instead of shoehorning robotic process automation (RPA) into fields where it doesn’t fit, you can target the best opportunities for automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and RPA. 
How should your organization intelligently invest in automation for revenue cycle management? Here are some of the strategies organizations are using to maximize their success. 
1172 days ago
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Healthcare organizations are facing more competition than ever. If your organization does not have patient-friendly billing, then you could be pushing patients to competitors.  
Adopting patient-friendly billing may be easier than you think. By implementing patient-friendly billing standards today, you can create better patient outcomes, customer service, and revenue cycle optimization. 
Keep reading to discover some of the best and most proven strategies for creating patient-friendly billing standards. 
1271 days ago
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Demand for medical coding companies has surged in recent months. COVID-19 has revealed medical coding inefficiencies, and firms are struggling to keep up.
Good medical coding companies work with healthcare organizations to solve inefficiencies and reduce errors. Effective medical coding tips helps a company avoid wastage, capture lost revenue, and reduce patient conflicts.
Your healthcare organization might have effective medical coding systems in place. Unfortunately, a pandemic like COVID-19 can reveal problems with any organization’s medical coding.
The CDC, CMS, and AMA have all released COVID-19 coding guidelines in recent weeks. We’ll summarize that information below to help your organization manage the COVID-19 pandemic.
1343 days ago
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HMI Specialists provide review of Physician E/M coding and billing, super bills, documentation requirements, and policies and procedures. Provider education regarding billing, coding and documentation is provided.
1343 days ago
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Our Comprehensive Charge Description Master CDM Review update includes analysis of inpatient and outpatient charges and all clinic charges maintained in the CDM and impacted by CMS PPS. HMI will review all CDM line items for accuracy of the CPT®/HCPCS, UB revenue code, and modifier assignment for compliance with federal and MAC/FI rules and regulations, price comparison vs allowable reimbursement levels and descriptions for meeting hospital’s internal standards. HMI will identify all line items for addition, modification, and deactivation, as well as price comparison vs. allowable reimbursement levels. Concurrently, we will provide a coding and billing helpline by phone, fax, or email for the term of the contract. With HMI’s leading Hospital Chargemaster Review , Compliance Review and CDM Audit Services and strategic pricing solutions, you can optimize charges and model the net revenue impact to maintain the bottom line.
1343 days ago
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Our medical coding auditor specialists will validate the CPT©/HCPCS and ICD-10-CM diagnosis coding assignment for outpatient services. The medical record documentation is reviewed against the hospital final billed claim to confirm reporting accuracy. The audit will include an assessment of documentation quality for supporting medical necessity. Supporting medical record documentation including the physician order, physician progress notes, results for diagnostic tests/studies, and/or procedural documentation is reviewed for completeness. HMI is the best Medical Coding Auditing Companies and Medical Coding Services Companies, Performs Outpatient Medical Coding Reviews and Medical Coding Audit Services. Medical Coding Auditor Performs the Auditing for Clinical, Physician, Inpatient and Outpatient.

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