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1207 days ago
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HMI C 3D Wood Wall Panel Decor for Accent Wall & Interior - InspiredWall
At Inspiredwall, we handcraft 3D Wood Wall Panel Decorative, Wood Planks, Wallpaper Peel and Stick for Modern Home office. which are perfect for an Accent Wall or interior design, from 3D Teakwood wall panels made from 100% recycled teakwood, which are sustainably sourced and good for the environment.
1207 days ago
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HMI C Medical Coding Tips
Demand for medical coding companies has surged in recent months. COVID-19 has revealed medical coding inefficiencies, and firms are struggling to keep up.
Good medical coding companies work with healthcare organizations to solve inefficiencies and reduce errors. Effective medical coding tips helps a company avoid wastage, capture lost revenue, and reduce patient conflicts.
Your healthcare organization might have effective medical coding systems in place. Unfortunately, a pandemic like COVID-19 can reveal problems with any organization’s medical coding.
The CDC, CMS, and AMA have all released COVID-19 coding guidelines in recent weeks. We’ll summarize that information below to help your organization manage the COVID-19 pandemic.
1235 days ago
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HMI C Why Healthcare Employees Leave: And How to Attract and Retain Top Talent
Many healthcare organizations struggle to retain talent. Unfortunately, this leads to big losses.
A median turnover in the emergency medical services (EMS) space costs an agency $72,000, according to Prehospital Emergency Care.
Meanwhile, the average cost of a turnover for a bedside RN is $52,100, causing the average hospital to lose $4.4 million to $6.9 million. Some healthcare organizations spend 5% of their annual operating budget on employee turnover and related expenses.
By emphasizing employee retention and minimizing patient turnover, healthcare organizations can save millions of dollars per year.
1242 days ago
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HMI C 4 More Rural Hospital Success Stories from Small Towns Across America
Rural hospitals are closing across the country. Naysayers may say it’s the end of rural healthcare as we know it. However, many hospitals are flipping this trend on its head.
America’s best rural hospitals are thriving in uncertain times by expanding care, taking advantage of telemedicine, and specializing in in-demand areas.
By taking this approach, rural hospitals have grown revenue even when dealing with aging populations, higher-than-average Medicare patient totals, and other challenges that have sunk competing providers.
1279 days ago
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HMI C Physician Services
HMI Specialists provide review of Physician E/M coding and billing, super bills, documentation requirements, and policies and procedures. Provider education regarding billing, coding and documentation is provided.
1279 days ago
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HMI C Comprehensive Chargemaster CDM Review Update
Our Comprehensive Charge Description Master CDM Review update includes analysis of inpatient and outpatient charges and all clinic charges maintained in the CDM and impacted by CMS PPS. HMI will review all CDM line items for accuracy of the CPT®/HCPCS, UB revenue code, and modifier assignment for compliance with federal and MAC/FI rules and regulations, price comparison vs allowable reimbursement levels and descriptions for meeting hospital’s internal standards. HMI will identify all line items for addition, modification, and deactivation, as well as price comparison vs. allowable reimbursement levels. Concurrently, we will provide a coding and billing helpline by phone, fax, or email for the term of the contract. With HMI’s leading Hospital Chargemaster Review , Compliance Review and CDM Audit Services and strategic pricing solutions, you can optimize charges and model the net revenue impact to maintain the bottom line.
1279 days ago
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HMI C Charge Capture Audit 
Our consultant specialists review the entire medical record for the observation stay to identify and report the hours for observation, drug administration services, and any other procedural services ordered and performed. The hours of observation are calculated in accordance with CMS guidance and drug administration services are coded in accordance with current coding guidelines and CMS guidance. HMI Consultants Specialist Review Charge Capture Audit Solutions and Provides Charge Capture Revenue Cycle Services, Hospital Charge Capture, Medical Charge Capture, Healthcare Charge Capture, Mobile Charge Capture and Physician Charge Capture Review Services.

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