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ISO 22000 Certification
725 days ago
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A food safety management system must meet the requirements of ISO 22000 Consultant Services in Canada to be certified. It describes the process an organization should take to prove that it can manage risks to food safety and ensure that food is safe. 
Who Needs ISO Certification?
ISO 22000 certification, regardless of size, applies to all organizations involved in the food chain, including feed producers, primary producers, food manufacturers, storage and transportation operators, subcontractors, and retail and food outlets. A food safety management system is becoming a requirement for suppliers of many of these food manufacturers. It is necessary if you want to sell to big retailers, supply big food firms, or enter new markets. The safety of the final product depends on each step in the food supply chain. The ISO 22000 standard clarifies requirements and standards for food safety along the whole supply chain and beyond national boundaries. All parties involved in the food supply chain, such as businesses engaged in feed production, food manufacturing, food ingredients, food transportation, food packaging, food selling (retail or wholesale), and food preparation (restaurants, grocery stores, production of food equipment, and food additives), are covered by ISO 22000. Consumers and governments are increasingly aware of the issue of food safety and are demanding accountability and assurances of food safety. Achieving ISO 22000 certification will give your customers down the chain confidence in your product. As a result, ISO 22000 becomes both a good safety tool as well as a good marketing tool and a business improvement tool.

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