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Digital Circuits Assignment Help
984 days ago
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Digital Circuits Assignment Help can help you gain the best grades and helps you get the proper guidance which not only helps your grades but also helps you in the long run. You get to learn the basics of troubleshooting which can get you out of many problems while using electronic devices. 
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Inspect the PCB and solder joints
If you designed a PCB for your project, make sure to inspect the pads, traces, and solder joints on the board. Thin traces can be quickly destroyed, and it’s also fairly easy to lift a pad, especially when you aren’t practiced in soldering. Therefore, always verify that there aren’t any broken traces or lifted pads.
Furthermore, you should inspect the solder connections on the board. Make sure that all pins are connected, and there aren’t any bridges present where they should not be. You can use the continuity function of a multimeter to test for broken traces and shorts. Lifted pads and solder bridges can be found by visually inspecting the PCB.

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