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Samantha Brighton

854 days ago
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Samantha B Dubai Tourism Sector
Dubai Tourism Sector
Recently, destination management has been quite successful in supporting the department of tourism. The used approach varies from lassies fair to conservative management. The style of the directorate is highly dependent on the socio-economic situation of society. Managing a destination success implies that there is strategic unity as well as harmony towards achieving the common goals of different stakeholders. Further, the management of destination becomes more involved with many options and tools available; yet, the goal is to determine a unique way for the development of tourism in the conditions of tourists’ preferences and a wide range of competitors. Therefore, destination management has favorable options such as free and intensive travel or just alternative tourism. With time, the role of destination management has changed from an initially indifferent silent witness to a strong controlling leader, influencing the tourism industry. This research is aimed at the analysis of Dubai DMO Royal Arabian in terms of its background, functions, directions, cooperation with Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM), and its general performance in Dubai. Despite its excellent performance in the region, the chosen destination marketing Dubai-located organization such as Royal Arabian requires changes in its policies that would further be discussed.
The number of tourists visiting Dubai has reached 2,68 million people in 2016, and 3,01 million of international guests in 2017. This indicates that Dubai is a perspective destination for destination marketing organizations (DMOs), institutions, and companies that focus on the marketing and selling strategies of specific places. In Dubai, many organizations deal with tourism, and among them, Royal Arabian should be analyzed. DMOs represent a certain destination in the country, aiding the community development through tourism and travel strategies. In such a way, they create and sustain competition by the effective management of tourism in the region. The performance of DMOs is indicated by the satisfaction of their stakeholders. The latter are the customers, allied organizations and institutions, often governmental ones, as well as contractors, media, sponsors, operators, etc. Thus, DMOs operate in a changing and competitive environment. Consequently, their management should constantly seek improvement and development strategies. The possible partnership may be formed between the state-owned organizations with commercialized basis and the government or the private sector and the government. The only major problem the company will face is the implementation of differences in operating strategies. Managing target is currently more about the implementation of policies of the government, and there has been the great emphasis on forming the partnership with the government rather than DMO, playing the role of an agent.
Royal Arabian Background
One of the DMOs, operating in Dubai, is Royal Arabian. The company began its operations 13 years ago. Currently, it works as a professional management company that specializes in Leisure Groups, MICE, and FIT travel in the UAE. For many years, the company has worked toward building a client base and worked with tour operators and travel agencies from as far as the Far East, South Africa, China, CIS, and Hong Kong as well as the rest of the world. The company boasts of a multi-lingual, experienced well-equipped FIT department that offers flexible services at very competitive rates. The company has the great organization for any travel of Dubai as it takes care of accommodation arrangement for the tourists and the further organization of destinations to visit, offers car rental services and tickets to major sporting events and activities. The company has an actual department that handles all types of group travels. Further, the company has an extensive database that includes hotels and comprehensive services to ensure that they provide the tourists with competitive rates and well-prepared itineraries. Across the UAE, Royal Arabian has facilities to hold conferences that offer various incentives to its customers. They always ensure that their conference halls are customized to meet the needs of an individual client. They specialize in competitive rates, tailor made packages for their customers, the services of high quality, great attention to detail services, and the multilingual staff with vast experience. The company can provide all above-mentioned services by being organized and focused, offering a vast knowledge of the destination, creativity, and always detailed planning and excellent logistics.
Now, Royal Arabian is a leading destination management company, delivering exceptional leisure through MICE solutions in Dubai, the UAE, and FITs & Groups. The company aims to become one of the best and most admired DMOs in the region, offering services in destination management across the UAE by realizing a harmonized way of creating a balance between the environment, business, and the company’s social responsibilities. On the other hand, the mission of Royal Arabian is to provide its customers with memorable holidays, to organize magnificent events, to develop products that are not only innovative but also competitive. The company’s values refer to customers’ satisfaction as well as the team spirit, thus emphasizing a continuous improvements, integrity, humanity, and mutual respect as key components of successful strategies implied within the organization.
Royal Arabian Analysis
The company was approved by Dubai Tourism Commerce and Marketing, successfully completing the first leg of its UEA - India Roadshow in Lucknow and moving to Nagpur. The overwhelming support suggests that the company is stable and focused towards the achievement of the vision. The company is innovative; the tour is an excellent idea that is likely to increase sales and further build their strengths. Royal Arabian works with the Ministry of Tourism not only to market Dubai but to further forces that bond it with the government as destination companies are the agents of the country. The company differs with other target businesses in other cities because it goes beyond the borders of market destination Dubai and itself. It is a different move as most companies advertise online only. Dubai Tourism Commerce and Marketing deals with the decision-making process and planning, aiming at achieving the goal and objective of the organization. It focuses on specific activities that allow the organization to co-relate efficient economics and cheapest means to fulfill such goals. The team currently works towards establishing a vast number of hotels and improved facilities as well as developing new destination spots for the tourist to make Dubai their destination of choice. At the same time, DTCM is focused on preserving the county’s heritage and historical locations to allow tourist to have a sense of the country’s rich history. To promote the human capital generation in the organization, DTCM requires the change of personnel at all levels of the organization - top, bottom, and middle. Currently, the world demands innovative, focused, and generative human capital. If DTCM is to achieve its goal of making Dubai the hot choice destination, it needs the personnel that can create value and innovation. Further, the employees will represent Dubai to the world, and the impression that they make will determine the opinion that the world has about Dubai. Thus, it is crucial to select, train, and incorporate employees who can sell Dubai in the best way possible.
Comparing Royal Arabian’s performance to the tourism agencies in Macao, one should state that the differences are clearly seen. Macao is the destination in China, offering heritage and history places, various cultural attractions, but mostly gambling. According to Macao Tourism, its average estimated number of tourists is 2,5mln people, which is by 1mln less than the UAE DMOs deal with. These visitors should have been managed by a number of successful and direction-oriented DMOs like in the UAE. Yet, this direction is managed by travel agencies that provide general tours in China, including Macao, such as China Travel Service, China International Travel Service, China Tours, and others. Thus, no DMOs, operating specifically with the Macao segment, were found online and neither had they an appropriate online presentation. The presence in local magazines, which are the key means of information delivery to target consumers, is poor as well. Thus, Hsu and Song have found that even graphic images, aimed to attract more tourists, are not properly coordinated and often the same places in Macao are presented by totally different pictures. Business tourism to Macao is described at the Macao Tourism website, but no other information concerning prices, guides, and places is provided. In comparison with China’s DMOs, the UAE travel agencies prove to me more segmented, to have a better online presence both on private online platforms and supported by DTCM.
However, to market Dubai, the company needs to develop a new strategy. The policy should aim at not only maintaining regulations and rules but also at regulating such laws. The department should ensure licenses are issued easily to allow companies a smooth transaction when starting their businesses. The proper transition in the license issue will not only benefit businesses but will also allow the organization to vet the activities of such companies. Incorporating the latest technology into its operations will ensure that the company provides customers with the best vendors and supplier of services. The move will also increase margin levels of the organization. DTCM should double its efforts to ensure Dubai investors invest in the sector, which will make sure that it can market itself in other countries while still guarantee customer satisfaction since these investments would go towards improving the country’s infrastructure. The organization implements new techniques to stand out and attract more tourists to Dubai. In their efforts, DTCM should consider forming a partnership with destination management companies such as Royal Arabian, which will allow them to share ideas and make Dubai the preferred destination for tourists.
Tourism and travel is a quickly growing industry in modern world, and to achieve their goals, governments of many countries must develop strategic goals to attract tourist to their countries. Destination companies in Dubai, namely Royal Arabian, operate at higher rates, offering premium services to tourists and business travelers, and demonstrating good marketing strategies as compared to those in Macao. Yet, improvements could be observed, if DMO were allowed to partner with DTCM not only to achieve its internal goals but also attain the ministries’ goal when both can align their mission and direction. Therefore, DTCM partnering with Royal Arabian can easily sell its policy to foreign markets through the company and further advance Dubai’s attractiveness as tourism destination, which will allow maintaining sources in the existing market share, identifying high potential markets to increase its market share, and increase the number of recurrent visits to the country.
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