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Mihika Nayak

45 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Mihika Nayak 45 days ago
Mihika N What Is An Automatic Boom Barrier?
A boom barrier is a device used for controlling vehicular access on a road or on a parking space by blocking it with a pivoted pole. These are the alternative to those traditional barriers that needed to be pulled down manually to stop vehicles from passing. 
This technology has many applications when it comes to managing access points. Railway crossings, checkpoints, drawbridges, toll booths and parking facilities are some of the most common places where they are used quite often.
Being automatic means they need electricity to operate. However, in case of powerfailur or technical error, these can always be operated by hand or with the help of a manual override key. Check Automatic Boom Barrier for your need now.
58 days ago
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Mihika N What Are RFID Readers?
Automation has changed the world a lot. One miracle of an RFID system is RFID readers that are used to quickly track inventory and other items. RFID readers are used in supply chain management, inventory tracking, IT asset tracking, File tracking, and many more activities. If you are looking for leading RFID reader suppliers in India you can check ID Tech Solutions. 
68 days ago
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Mihika N Automatic Boom Barrier Gates For Entrances
Automatic boom barrier gates regulate the entry and exit of vehicles without any manpower. These tools provide you with security and save your money. With the help of boom barrier gates, you can control traffic flow and prevent unauthorized access of people and vehicles. At ID Tech Solutions you can choose from a wide length of boom barrier gates that are made with top-quality materials. Their boom barrier gates are ideal for heavy traffic and are available in different sizes. Get more information about boom barrier gates by visiting their website. 
72 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Mihika Nayak 72 days ago
Mihika N Entrance Automation System
Entrance automation systems are an effective way of providing security to any organization and property. Made with the latest RFID technology these automated gates prevent unauthorized access and require low maintenance cost. At ID Tech Solution you can find reliable and powerful RFID entrance automation systems that come in different designs and sizes that will fit your requirements. These gates will save your time, money, and offer you great results. 
80 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Mihika Nayak 80 days ago
Mihika N RFID Tags For Equipments
RFID Tags are a short form for Radio Frequency Identification tags. RFID tags are tracking devices that use smart barcodes in order to identify items. Made with radio frequency technology this tracking system is becoming popular in many business industries. They carry data that can not be read by anyone because it is in form of radio waves. RFID readers are used to reading data from tags. ID Tech Solution is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of RFID tags. If you need these radio tags for your business you can visit their website. 

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