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Keerthi Rathore

1103 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Keerthi Rathore 1103 days ago
Keerthi R How to Prepare a Management Presentation? 
All of us have been in a situation when we are asked to prepare a presentation for a management meeting. And we continually get puzzled. We might know the content, but putting them together is the main challenge and always confusing. Yet, we still try to make management presentations from which few get the desired outcome, and others get busted.
Every management has some critical perspective that they want to see in their presentation.
  • A Big Summary: It is always preferred to make one summary slide for the entire management presentation to listen to what you want to tell, as the management doesn’t have all day. From this single slide, the whole presentation deck’s plan is comprehended. Dont forget that you ONLY have one slide; while preparing the presentation, all the other slides are references only.
  • A Relevant Picture says a lot: A picture/graph will be far easily understood than words, so try to put as many images/charts/graphs as relevant in your business proposal powerpoint. Place numbers wherever applicable; numbers are easy to understand by the management. Make sure not to put any number on which you have the slightest doubt. Management does not like any, although it loves numbers. So ensure every single slide is accurate, relevant, & you are aware of how they were derived.
  • Details to Annexure: Only if the management has specific interest and doubt, only then will they ask for more information, so keep the details slides as annexure, if asked, then only show them.
  • Bullet-point: Don’t make a mess of your business proposal powerpoint slides with too many lines; place your information in bullet-point and describe the necessary points that’ll be easy to understand. Try to set a summary line in each slide to be understood from reading that one line.
  • Put Action Plan in Place: If a presentation is about something like new ideas to be done in the future, put an action plan in place, as the management is always interested in learning the timeline and the preceding steps. Remember, whatever action you can think about, put them in a date format so that management has a clear understanding of what and when to expect.
  • Request for Direction: Trust on this that the management always wants to support through their decisions. And whenever they have agreed to sit at the presentation, they are in the mindset that they will add value by giving direction, so don’t hesitate, just ask for it. Getting a decision doesn’t matter, but if you have requested, then that’ll leave an impression that you are a willing soul to work and ask for the support of the management whenever needed.
Every management has different expectations, but the above steps are fundamental while making any management presentation.

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