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Hemendra Singh

220 days ago
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Hemendra S 40+ Creative Website Ideas for Startup, Students, and Beginners in 2021
Creative Website Ideas: 2021 is a year of opportunities and possibilities. The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us new ways of surviving. The Information Technology sector has not just survived but thrived to its highest potential during the lockdown.
With the explosion of smartphones along with cheap easily accessible internet, people are visiting websites for online shopping and for several other things like entertainment, health, finance, and real estate, etc.
Hence, in this article, our primary focus is to enlighten you regarding some highly Unique website ideas for startups. We will be discussing new startup website ideas for students and beginners leaving all the mess and grime behind that weren’t adding value to your life in 2020 including the old non-working website ideas.
228 days ago
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Hemendra S How to Build a PWA that Generates 10x More Revenue?
There are different ways to handle mobile app development, and nothing is perfect than Progressive Web Apps. It is a vital method to provide mobile app experiences that are highly reliable, optimized, and easily accessible on the web. In other words, it is a web application that defines a hybrid between the mobile application and traditional mobile website. It is valuable, and today will make it more beneficial by telling you- how to create progressive web app that helps you to generate 10 times more revenue than other application software.
Know more about how to build a PWA app?
232 days ago
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Hemendra S Planning a Startup? 7 Strong Reasons to Choose Flutter for Startups
Flutter is a mobile development framework that came into the development market only a few years ago and already won the hearts of millions of developers across the globe. The approach to choose flutter for startups is quite fresh and it has integrated all the good elements from cross-platform and native development. This exclusivity has made Flutter capable enough to provide businesses robust applications in lesser time. Therefore, all this contributes to making one of the best flutter app development services more and more popular these days.
If you really want to know more about "Flutter is Good For Startups", so read Flutter For Startups.
233 days ago
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Hemendra S Flutter 1.22 Update: Support For Android 11 And iOS 14
Every quarter, Flutter announces a list of features and modifications targeted at improving the performance of the application and fixing existing bugs. Between the update of November 2018 and now, the designing of the SDK has been done to grow new operating systems alongside apart from enabling business enterprises to make a strong presence on the web.
The latest version is enriched with many benefits of flutter mobile app development by extending the support for Android 11 and iOS 14. There is also a chain of new tools been introduced by the community for enhancing localization and dissecting app sizes at the stage of development.
If you are also running a company or a brand and want to diversify into both iOS and Android platforms in the latest versions, we will strongly recommend you to certified flutter app developers and kick-start your journey with an effortless experience of an app that is compatible with all the native features of the operating systems.
Know more about Flutter 1.22 Release
233 days ago
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Hemendra S Adobe Market Share Increases in 2021 After Acquired By Magento
Sep 01, 2021 (Heraldkeepers) -- Adobe provides various services in digital media, publishing, and advertising. Recently, Adobe’s market share has seen a significant increase in 2021 after it acquired Magento. This news has been a highlight for Magento development companies. Let’s look further into it.
Magento was the second-largest E-Commerce platform back in 2017, with a market share of 9%. The following year, Magento lost the position to Shopify. However, after Adobe acquired Magento in 2018, the market share increased to 13%. Not only that, but this step has also resulted in the creation of various products with high potential--for instance, the PWA Studio and the developer tool kit. Adobe has a majorly advanced ecosystem, which will help Magento fight with its competitors and other E-Commerce platforms on the market.
Many successful organizations all over the globe prefer Magento over other platforms, and the results are fruitful. If you want to open your online store, it will be best to choose Magento and hire certified Magento developers.
Read Our Full Blog: https://on.mktw.net/2ZuZoe7
Originally Published By : www.marketwatch.com
233 days ago
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352 days ago
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Hemendra S Flutter App Development 
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