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Cassidy Butch

810 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Cassidy Butch 810 days ago
Cassidy B Stickman Hook - Online game world new
If you've been looking for a high-quality and exciting game that more than just helps you to pass some time, then Stickman Hook is definitely worth your close attention. Here you will have the opportunity to move freely through the levels, clinging to various points, and swaying on long ropes. You will have to perform incredible acrobatic stunts in order to successfully pass the track and get to the finish line. Are you intrigued? Then let's get started!
Your character can deftly handle a hook with a rope tied to its end. Wherever you are, if the game allows you to interact with the fulcrum, then your character will easily throw a hook into it. This will allow you not to fall down and swing on the ropes in order to make a new jump.
Sometimes levels will delight you with a large accumulation of spring components, from which your character can jump to truly impressive distances. This will allow you to quickly and extremely efficiently move around the level, which will bring you closer to the finish line.
However, if there is no floor beneath you, then you shouldn't risk the life of your character and look for opportunities to jump over the fulcrum as if swaying on vines of trees. This is an equally effective way to get to the finish line and earn your game points.
As you progress through the levels, your character will open up additional personalization options. If the system prompts you to try on a new suit, then treat your miracle driver with a new skin. It will not affect the game process in any way, however, you also need to be fashionable. Every five new levels you will feel growing complexity, after which you will gain access to more stunning 
840 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Cassidy Butch 840 days ago
Cassidy B Welcome to the game Stickman Hook
Stickman Hook is an interesting game for you to relax. Instead of playing on Android or IOS smartphone, you can completely play this game on PC through our website. Play Stickman Hook on PC is a good, fun and interesting experience when you can play it  with larger screen and use mouse which is more easier to control than touching interfaces on smartphone screen. This game is especially suitable for clever people. You need patience and dexterity to win this game. That is the reason for you to choose this game to play on your leisure time.
How to play Stickman Hook is simple when the player is a character like a ball (rolled). The player's task is to use the mouse to drag the string from the ball to the axes available in the game screen. Each stage of these online games will be completely unstable and the difficulty is gradually increased.
The final task is to swing to the finish line and pass the screen. There is no time limit as well as no conditions in the game screen.
After passing the screen, of course we will be specialized in the next screen. In the following levels we will see that there are many obstacles that require players to use their minds if they want to overcome the levels in the game.
A little trick for players is that when losing momentum to swing, pull the rope continuously to climb to the top of the shaft. Here you can regain momentum to swing again.
840 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Cassidy Butch 840 days ago
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