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Margaret Garcia

1312 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Margaret Garcia 1312 days ago
Margaret G Assignment Help Online
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1233 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Margaret Garcia 1233 days ago
Margaret G What could be a lousy essay topic for your college admission?
A lousy topic for college assignment help can be disastrous when you are applying for your dream college. Some topics become risky to attempt as they contain controversial subject while others are too simple to attempt while in a college. Thus, let us focus on the topics which can harm your college application rather than helping it.
5 topics that can harm your college application essay
Below mentioned are five topics which can harm your college application essay:
  • About your drug use– Almost every college deals with sedative use in the college campus which ultimately ruins the career and lives of the students. Even if you had ever faced any problem regarding drug use or have overcome one, it's better not to address that in your essay. Since it’s illegal to consume drugs, it's better to keep away from the topic so that it doesn’t create a negative impression on the admission officer.
  • About your heroism– Your act of courage can be a fair topic to mention in your college essay, but it becomes bad when the History Homework Help becomes self-absorbed and arrogant. Thus, try not to shine praise on yourself, instead do it for others. Therefore, try to avoid this topic as well.
  • About any political strata– It’s quite apparent that touchy issues like terrorism, political diversities, and capital punishments have a chance to offend your admission officer. Though you can write an excellent essay with these topics, it can be controversial especially at times when your opinion clashes with the reader. Thus, do not choose these topics.
  • About personal woe– It can be an excellent thought to write about instant assignment help. But would you like to offend or make your reader uncomfortable about reading all your problems and personal woes? Thus, keep aside those topics related to your woes such a suicide attempt you made, an assault or any traumatic event in your life.
  • About your travel to places– Admission officers like students who are an avid traveler as traveling makes life-changing experiences which can help in MLA Referencing Generator. But writing essays on Travel is a common topic for college students. If you still choose it as a topic, try to focus on the results of your travel in the overall growth of your life or how the trip changed your view, rather than elaborating a summary of your tour to Russia or France.
Thus, try to write about something that’s your favorite. If cooking is what you like the most, then you may write about your first cooking experience or how your chicken curry impressed your friends. Show the readers what you are, not what you think your readers want to see you as.

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