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Laura Smith

777 days ago
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Laura S A quick peek at building an NFT based gaming marketplace like Decentraland
Though NFTs are newbies to the crypto world, they have gained the highest value and popularity. They snuck into different disciplines and somehow changed the whole area in their favor. One such area that these digitized tokens took over entirely is gaming. Ardent gamers from all around the world have been going crazy ever since non-fungible collectibles entered the gaming world. The fact that they could earn money while doing something they are passionate about is one of the reasons behind the skyrocketing popularity of NFT games. 
Decentraland - a quick look
Decentraland is a virtual reality platform that functions on the Ethereum blockchain network. The game gives you a pleasing virtual gaming experience, leaving you with an empty canvas in the beginning. You get to customize your gaming reality as you please. You can buy lands, in-game items, characters, and more when you start your adventurous venture in Decentaland. Unlike other platforms, it has an NFT based Virtual Game marketplace which forms an integral part of the game. 
Is Decentaland famous?
Decentraland is one of those NFT gaming platforms that got the attention and appreciation of gamers in a short period of time. Therefore, there is a huge fanbase for the game. As the popularity of non-fungible tokens increases, you can see the game's popularity increasing too. As the game allows the players to build their own virtual world from scratch, it has quickly captured many creative hearts. This reason is why creating a Decentraland like NFT marketplace could be a great investment for budding entrepreneurs. 
An NFT marketplace as Investment
Since the world we live in is virtualizing in different aspects, the best investment you can make as an entrepreneur would be in the digital world. Purchasing digital assets and creating a platform for others to trade their digital assets is the most sensible thing to do if you wish to see sustainable development in your career. Getting a Decentraland clone is all you need to do if you want to kickstart your venture in this field. 
782 days ago
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Laura S Guide to Develop a Virtual World like Decentraland 
Virtual worlds have long been Hollywood's go-to storyboard. But now, with the virtual simulation platforms and blockchain technology, the gap between the virtual and the real world no longer exists. 
What is Decentraland Clone?
In the NFT sector, Decentraland is the largest virtual environment. It is an open-source architecture of the decentralized virtual reality (VR) platform, Decentraland. It's a hybrid of popular games like Fortnite and Minecraft, with gamers able to buy and sell parcels. These parcels are 16 x 16 squares with individual coordinates.
Virtual worlds provide participants/users the freedom to create their avatar, own assets such as clothes and outfits, and own virtual territories, among other things. They can sell these assets (as NFTs) on exchanges. Moreover, the users will partake in the governance as the Decentraland clone enables them to suggest or vote during decision-making.
Embracing A Social Community
Unlike other virtual platforms, an NFT virtual platform like Decentraland relies big time on social communities like Discord, Reddit, and Twitter. Given its immensity, there are large swaths of land where no one is present, but people are talking, exchanging NFTs, and playing games together in high traffic regions (events and trending scenes).
Platforms like Decentraland are the metaverse's green sprouts. After spending some time on the platform, it's evident that the core technologies that promote ownership give creative autonomy and foster community is refreshing in a world where walled gardens often stifle digital innovation.
Wrapping Up
Decentraland has a built-in marketplace mechanism, where users can trade native tokens with their crypto/fiat currency. So, obviously, while trying to build a virtual platform like Decentraland, you can also unleash a virtual reality marketplace. How, though? Sift through our website. 

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