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Endru Smith

890 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Endru Smith 890 days ago
Endru S Dimethyl Terephthalate Production
Dimethyl terephthalate appears as white solid or heated colorless liquid. Has no odor. Liquid solidifies in cool water. Solid and liquid sink in water.
970 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Endru Smith 970 days ago
Endru S Saccharin Manufacturing Process
Saccharin or sodium saccharin, which is also known as benzoic sulphinide, is an artificial sweetener that comes with zero or effectively no food energy. It is known to be about 300-400 times as sweet as sucrose but has a bitter or metallic aftertaste, especially at high concentrations. The melting point of saccharin is about 228.8 to 229.7 °C. Saccharin is often utilised to sweeten products, for example, drinks, candies, cookies, and even medicines.

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