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Knowband s What Are the Benefits of Using Prestashop Mobile App Builder on an eCommerce Website?
PrestaShop Mobile App Builder is a popular eCommerce platform for online retailers. The PrestaShop Mobile App Maker by Knowband is simple to use and offers a diverse set of useful functions. Mobile users, on the other hand, have increased significantly more than desktop users as a result of technological improvements in the mobile app business. In fact, for easy and affordable services, website visitors have changed their choice to mobile apps. 
Modern users enjoy shopping and making payments over the phone. As a result, it is your responsibility to provide an excellent user experience to the PrestaShop Mobile App users that includes all of the advanced features. Here are a few must-have features for your PrestaShop eCommerce Mobile App to ensure that it is of the highest quality and performance:
1. Push notifications  
Mobile apps can use push notifications as a marketing tactic. These notifications keep your customers informed about new products and services. Users are notified via push notifications even when they are not using the Mobile App for PrestaShop, which bothers some users. However, in the majority of cases, this PrestaShop Mobile App Creator feature has produced outstanding results. Incorporate this feature into your Android and iOS app and gain the benefits.
2. Advantages of social media
By providing a wide range of product sharing and simple login options such as Facebook, Google, and others. Social media integration would undoubtedly benefit your business. Users would be more likely to join your PrestaShop Mobile App if they could share it on social media. To provide a hassle-free shopping experience, all of the major social media networks should be included in the PrestaShop eCommerce Mobile App.
3. Add to cart and wish list options
If you want to buy a product quickly and easily, you should use PrestaShop Android App Builder. PrestaShop iOS App Maker allows your shopping cart to load in a few seconds. In the cart, you should be able to change the quantity of a product and remove it. A wishlist bag for product bookmarking must also be included in the app.
4. Live seller-buyer chat
Having a live chat function available 24*7 is a great way to increase user loyalty to your Mobile App for PrestaShop. Moreover, the buyer can ask you questions directly by using Zopim and WhatsApp chat feature, and you can easily answer them. As a result, this feature bridges the gap between users and store admins.
Conclusion -
Users in today's fast-paced world expect everything to be at their fingertips, and mobile applications provide a convenient option. On the mobile phone, our PrestaShop Mobile App Builder also allows the store admin to highlight the store's top product or most popular product. The store admin has the option of displaying the products in a grid or a list format. To know more exciting features and benefits like this send us an email at support@knowband.com.
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Knowband s Launch Your Online Marketplace Using Knowband's OpenCart Marketplace Extension
Launch Your Online Marketplace Using Knowband's OpenCart Marketplace Extension
In the eCommerce industry, the online Marketplace is creating a buzz. All eCommerce stores are currently digging into this plan of action, whether they are large eCommerce businesses or startups. The OpenCart Marketplace App Builder also allows the store admin to transform the eCommerce store into a mobile app. Knowband has also developed a logical solution, namely, the OpenCart Multi-Seller Marketplace extension, for OpenCart-based store owners to establish their own online Marketplace.
What is an OpenCart Multi-Vendor extension?
An OpenCart multi-vendor marketplace is an eCommerce extension that allows various external merchants to advertise their products and sell them on their site by converting them into the eCommerce marketplace. Moreover, the eCommerce store owner is responsible for vendor requests and inventory management. The shop owner is also concerned with the management of the entire site. Because of this, an OpenCart marketplace is a shopping site that connects a variety of merchants and customers.
Knowband's OpenCart multi-seller plugin even creates the whole marketplace interaction with three fundamental advancements. They are listed below:
1: Purchase the Knowband, OpenCart Marketplace module.
2: Install the OpenCart Marketplace module and allow global vendors to create their profiles.
3: In the backend, the seller's requests are listed. Additionally, the store owner can accept/reject the seller profile from OpenCart Multi-Seller Marketplace Module.
Along with the basic functionality of a multi-seller marketplace, the OpenCart Multi-Vendor system offers a number of advanced features that make store management simple for the store admin.
Knowband's OpenCart Marketplace Module Noticeable Features-
1. The store owner can easily transform their single-merchant site into a fully functional multi-seller marketplace. The OpenCart Multi-vendor Marketplace module's backend can also be used to customize the marketplace. 
2. From the store's backend, the admin can change the global and individual seller commissions.
3. Sellers who have had their profiles approved by the store admin are able to access their seller dashboard and make changes to their profile information, listings, and orders. They can also quickly add their social media links, banners, and logos from here.
4. The categories are assigned to the sellers by the store admin. Moreover, the vendor can only add items to the categories that have been assigned to them. In any case, if the seller needs an extra category, they can submit a request to the store admin.
5. The products added by vendors are first approved by the admin via the OpenCart Multi-Seller Marketplace module's backend. Sellers and store owners can even change the item's details as needed.
6. The store admin can track orders via the OpenCart multi-vendor marketplace plugin's backend. Vendors can manage their orders using their dashboards.
OpenCart Marketplace App Builder Features -
1. Fully White Label Apps allows the store admin to launch the shopping app under its name, logo, banners images, splash screen, etc. 
2. Dynamic Home Screen Designs allows the store merchants to change the look and feel of the eCommerce mobile app by just using the drag and drop function. 
3. The user can use the easy login feature such as Email, Google & Facebook Login feature that allows them to get into the Android and iOS app easily. 
4. The OpenCart Marketplace App Creator module supports all the eCommerce website languages including RTL (Right To Left) scripts in the mobile app. 
5. The OpenCart Marketplace App Maker module also supports all the eCommerce website payment and shipping options on the eCommerce mobile app. 
6. Additionally, the simplified checkout process provides easy transaction options to the customers and reduces the cart abandonment rate. 
Knowband is one of the most well-known names in the industry of module development. Furthermore, the OpenCart Marketplace module provides multi-vendor marketplace compatibility for mobile apps. The store owners can also now create iOS and Android mobile apps for their eCommerce businesses. Contact us at support@knowband.com if you have any questions or need a specific change based on your business needs.
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10 days ago
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Knowband s Key Reasons to build your PrestaShop Multi-Vendor Marketplace Mobile App
Today, customers from all over the world use the internet to fulfill their daily needs.  Although there are numerous websites to explore the products online on the internet. Yet marketplaces are one of the most popular platforms among worldwide customers. This caused a change in the thoughts and sellers who owned an eCommerce business. And also opted to offer their products on a Multi-seller Marketplace. The store owner can turn their  Prestashop store into a fully-equipped multi-vendor marketplace. And this could be possible using KnowBand's PrestaShop Advanced Marketplace With Mobile App combo package. Converting your PrestaShop store into a Marketplace is simple with the PrestaShop Marketplace module. While the PrestaShop Mobile App Maker can also help in launching the native Android and iOS mobile apps for the online store. 
Benefits of the PrestaShop Mobile App Builder are:
  1. PrestaShop Marketplace App Creator backend lets you design your own home screen. The store owner can also simply customize the layout of the mobile home screen without any coding language and expertise. From the extension's backend, the eCommerce store's administrator can also easily add a brand's logo, name, banner, images, and user interface.
  1. As an added feature, users can reach out to the store manager using the PrestaShop Multivendor Mobile App's 24*7 Zopim and WhatsApp chat features.
  1. The PrestaShop eCommerce Mobile App features a simplified checkout process that reduces cart abandonment.
  1. The Marketplace Mobile App for Prestashop consists of a real-time synchronization feature. This feature of Prestashop Marketplace is also used to form a reliable connection with the website and a mobile app. This means that any changes made to the eCommerce website inventory will also be reflected in the eCommerce mobile app.
  1. In addition to RTL writing style, the Prestashop Multi-vendor App supports all eCommerce website languages.
  1. There is also a wide range of products supported by the Prestashop Multi-vendor Android & iOS Mobile App including single and grouped products that are configurable, downloadable, and virtual.
Features Offered To Multi-vendor Marketplace Sellers-
1. Easy Registration Process: 
The PrestaShop Marketplace allows the sellers to register in the online marketplace using the web module. Moreover, the admin can simply accept/reject the seller's request in the admin panel. 
2. Products And Categories: 
The sellers can easily also add categories and products on the PrestaShop Marketplace. They can also send approval requests to the store admin. 
3. Track and Manage your products: 
With the help of the PrestaShop Multi-vendor marketplace, it is easy for the seller to track and manage their products, profile, and sell.
4. New Category Request: 
The Prestashop Multi-vendor also allows the sellers to request to store admin for including a new category and add the product. Furthermore, with the help of the PrestaShop Marketplace backend, the marketplace admin is fully authorized to approve the request.
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Knowband s The Features You Should Expect In eCommerce Shopping App
The time spent on mobile devices has increased over time. According to the research, users are spending most of their time on mobile devices. That means the users are using the mobile app with a great frequency. This is the key factor that inspires the eCommerce store owners to launch mobile apps. The Mobile App Builder is an affordable solution for many small and mid-sized businesses. It also provides all the required features that are necessary for business growth. Knowband is one of the providers of the most popular plugins in the eCommerce market and its Mobile app Maker for various platforms such as PrestaShop and OpenCart will help the eCommerce stores to grow in the most efficient manner and generate more sales.
1. Personalized Experience-
The eCommerce brands are searching for new ways to make the user experience more personalized. The personalization of the eCommerce mobile app is very important because it helps to stand out in the market and fulfills the user's expectations. Launching the shopping app under its own brand name, logo and value create a more reliable connection with the users. 
2. Intuitive and Easy Navigation -
The easy navigation option of the Mobile App Maker helps the store admin to minimize their manual efforts. The store admin can customize the Native App for eCommerce with a few mouse clicks without getting into the coding technicality. 
3. Quick Registration Process
The registration process must be easy, simple, and convenient for the users. It allows the customers to easily get into the mobile app for eCommerce without wasting unnecessary time. The registration/login option such as Google, Facebook, and email retains the interest of the online shoppers in Android and iOS apps. 
4. Seamless Checkout-
The Checkout process in the Mobile app Creator ensures easier order submission with secure payments. The key to an easy and seamless checkout feature is to only ask for the required information from the user. The seamless checkout feature of the Mobile App Maker allows users to fill only limited and accurate information and let them make purchases in a more facile manner. 
More Features -
Some extra features of the Mobile App Creator are mentioned below. 
1. The store admin can easily enable all the Commerce store payment and shipping options on the eCommerce mobile app.
2. The store owner can take the eCommerce market internationally by enabling Multilingual and RTL support features in the Mobile App for eCommerce. 
3. Around 92% of online visitors tend to read reviews first, before buying the products. So, the Mobile app Builder allows the users to review and rate the purchased products.
4.  The wishlist feature of the Mobile App Creator removes the user's limitations of adding the product into the cart for future purchases. The customers can add the product to the wishlist that they wish to buy later and get a more organized eCommerce shopping experience in the eCommerce mobile app. 
5. The push notifications are mainly sent for new arrivals, offers and discounts, updates, and much more. The push notification is a great feature to ensure the success of your eCommerce mobile app and boost profit. 
6. The offline mode reduces data usage and offers seamless access to Native Apps for eCommerce even with no internet access. 
7. The product filtering and sorting option of Mobile App Creator facilitates an easy journey for your users. It also allows the users to only fetch the required and necessary products in Android and iOS apps.
Conclusion -
There are several opportunities for the store admin in the target market. By using the above-mentioned features in potent mobile apps, eCommerce merchants are able to grab more customer attention. The Mobile App Builder helps the store admin to stand out from the competitors and allows him to take strategic decisions. To know more, send us an email at support@knowband.com
56 days ago
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Knowband s How to make the best with the PrestaShop Hyperlocal Marketplace?
When you say 'getting the most out of,' you actually mean using it to its maximum potential. As a result, it's about the PrestaShop Hyperlocal Marketplace in this context. This guide is for anyone who is considering or has already chosen to invest in the Prestashop Hyperlocal E-commerce Business. Your business transforms into a hyperlocal marketplace with the Prestashop Hyperlocal Delivery Marketplace from Knowband! These aspects of Prestashop's Hyperlocal Service Marketplace are discussed in this article.
Aspects to consider to guarantee you get the most out of the Prestashop Hyperlocal Delivery Business Model
Adding the most successful vendors to your Prestashop Hyperlocal Marketplace
Sellers aren't swarming to your site to make a sale. You must entice them and provide them with something that will benefit both you and them. Furthermore, if you have well-known vendors in the community (or the neighborhood), you can be sure that consumers will come to make an order. As a result, enlisting superstar vendors will boost your Knowband Marketplace's sales and profits.
Change the Revenue Models' parameters as necessary.
The admin's only source of money is the Prestashop Hyperlocal Marketplace's revenue models. In reality, the administrator can profit from the Hyperlocal multi-vendor marketplace's various revenue structures. Among the revenue models include fees for listing products, membership or subscription plans, and commission.
The models assist the administrator in fine-tuning the parameters of the various revenue models in order to generate revenue. In actuality, the administrator has the ability to perform the following:
Decide on the product listing cost, which is based on the number of products/categories that the seller needs to offer on the platform. He also pays extra to the admin for each subsequent category.
Create membership plans that fit your business's needs; moreover, merchants may pick from a variety of subscription options to sell their wares.
The admin can opt to keep the commission rate constant for all sellers or change it percentage-wise for specific vendors.
Putting your sellers in command of the situation
You don't have to tell everything to the vendors. You also don't have to keep a watch on everything they do and justify it. It's time you let them do things their own way. Allow them to choose delivery methods, add goods to categories, and manage inventory.
Last but not least
So, have you considered the Knowband Prestashop Hyperlocal Marketplace module? Please contact us at support@knowband.com if you have any questions. We, at Knowband, would love to help you through with all your queries about this Prestashop module or any other for that matter. Knowband features other conventional Marketplace plugins for platforms like OpenCart, Prestashop, and Magento 2. In fact, you will also be able to find modules to sell on platforms like Etsy, eBay, Walmart, and others.
How many times can a seller send a registration form?
The admin can easily set the number of times the seller can resend the registration form after being disapproved. For instance, it can be 3 or 10 too.
How many products can a seller add without the approval of the admin?
As an administrator, you can specify a certain amount of goods that the seller may add without the admin's prior consent. In order to post new items, the seller must submit a permission request to the admin. An administrator may limit the number of items to 30, but if a seller needs to submit 40, he will request an additional 10 products. As a result, if the admin approves, the seller can upload them and if he doesn't, the seller will not be able to.
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Knowband s Staying prepped with these 3 smart Prestashop modules is what you should do
Before we start talking about the 3 smart Prestashop modules by Knowband, you should know a little background about - Prestashop. If you are looking for an open-source free eCommerce platform to start your business, this is for you. In the event that you're still in the R&D stage, we recommend that you build your website with Prestashop. One of the greatest platforms for new internet entrepreneurs is Prestashop. Easy to use, has plenty of features and is a breeze to use. Prestashop will have over 700,000 websites in November 2020. Moreover, the platform's performance has been flawless.
When it comes to Prestashop, one of the most reputable suppliers of Prestashop Addons is a must. Customers have been satisfied with Knowband's more than 80 modules.
Prestashop One Page Supercheckout
Knowband's Prestashop One Page Checkout gives your consumers a seamless purchasing experience. Due to removing unnecessary information blocks from the checkout page, the plugin saves you time. This ensures that the consumer is not upset and that the purchasing procedure is completed.
Aspects to consider:
  • Guest Checkout Login with Facebook
  • Multiple payments and delivery methods are available to customers.
  • Once the address block is filled in, Google will recommend the address.
  • Customer information is stored in MailChimp, SendinBlue, and Klaviyo Integrator
  • New feature: Creation of 'n' number of customer profiles.
Prestashop Abandoned cart module
Prepare for scenarios where clients abandon their shopping carts if you run an eCommerce store. You don't have to wonder if they'll come back. As a matter of fact, you should try to get them back so that they may finish what they started. To achieve this, install the Prestashop Abandoned cart email follow-up plugin and provide your email address. To remind consumers who abandoned their shopping carts, the Prestashop Email Follow up module sends them many reminders in a row.
  • Aspects to consider:
  • Order completion will be notified through push notifications
  • Clients might get emails with or without discounts
Remind customers of the items in their shopping basket by displaying a popup while they're exploring the store. Track abandoned carts and converted carts from the back-end of the website
Prestashop eBay Marketplace Integration module
Businesses that sell arts, crafts, and toy-related items will benefit from the eBay marketplace. When you use the Prestashop eBay Integration Add-on, you may quickly and simply list your items on the popular online auction website eBay. It's also possible to sync with the marketplace in a few easy steps. The eBay PrestaShop Integration Extension allows you to manage goods on both the shop and eBay from the backend.
  • Aspects to consider:
  • Profiles may be created, edited, and deleted on eBay.
  • Manage your store's product listings.
  • Bulk product listing
  • Synchronization is ongoing
  • Look at this month's sales report
  • In the Long Run
Prestashop addons are many, but which would you want to start with? Moreover, Knowband has a team of specialists that can assist with any questions you may have. Questions about Knowband modules can be answered by clicking here support@knowband.com.
What services does Knowband provide?
Knowband provides effective eCommerce plugins for platforms such as Prestashop, OpenCart, Magento, and Magento 2. Furthermore, it offers fantastic after-sales customer assistance for free for three months. You can contact the support team at any moment if you believe you require assistance.
In terms of pricing, what is the difference between the eBay marketplace and the Prestashop shop?
On eBay, you may set your own prices. The Prestashop eBay Marketplace Integrator gives the administrator control over the pricing on eBay Marketplace, including whether to raise or lower it. Furthermore, some merchants boost the price of their products on the site to compensate for the tax. In such cases, the store may provide a 20% markup. To activate this option, certain parameters must be specified in the Profile Management section.
How can I create a business-specific module?
Yes, it is quite reasonable that you would want to tailor the Prestashop Abandoned Cart Module to your specific needs. You may also contact us for the modifications you're looking for, and we'll walk you through the process. This is possible for an extra fee.
Is it feasible to add another field to the Checkout Page's Address Form?
Unfortunately, the merchant is unable to add another field to the address form on his own. However, you may contact customer service at support@knowband.com and we will assist you in resolving the issue.
61 days ago
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Knowband s Prestashop Marketplace Addon For your eCommerce Store
It looks to be rather clear that you may earn income simply by selling more. Furthermore, you can sell more if you provide your clients with several options to browse. While maintaining a massive supply is a big task. Allowing outside merchants to offer their items on your site is probably the best way to broaden the breadth of your products. Previously, having your own internet marketplace was a specific ambition. Knowband has made it easier for you. It is probably the quickest way to transform your single-vendor site into a multi-vendor marketplace with the Prestashop Marketplace Addon by Knowband.
As a result, if you have a Prestashop-based eCommerce website and want to create an online marketplace, the Prestashop Multi-vendor Marketplace add-on is the ideal solution for you.
How does the Prestashop Multi Vendor Marketplace Module create a marketplace?
Knowband sells the Prestashop Multi-vendor Marketplace Plugin. Buy it!
  • Install the files and data that you have downloaded.
From the backend, enable the Prestashop Multi-seller Marketplace module. Finally, setup the Knowband Prestashop addon as needed. As a result, you have effectively transformed your business into a marketplace.
  • How are marketplace orders managed?
The Prestashop Marketplace enables vendors to list their items and categories on the marketplace. However, before they can post the items and categories to the marketplace, they must first email them to the admin for approval.
From a different page in the Prestashop Marketplace Module, the admin may even track the orders for their items.
The merchants can utilize the site's default delivery methods. Alternatively, they may be able to include their own shipping techniques. Furthermore, if the store owners enable this feature from the backend of the Prestashop multi-vendor Marketplace plugin.
  • How can I use the Prestashop Marketplace Plugin to administer my marketplace?
The Prestashop multi-vendor marketplace plugin streamlines the entire store administration process. The suppliers can upload their items directly from their dashboards.
After the admin approves them from the back-end, the items are listed on the site.
  • How does the administrator make money?
In exchange for the rented online space, the business operator charges the sellers a leasing fee. They may pick and set the global or percentage-based commission from the Prestashop Multi vendor Marketplace Module's backend.
According to the membership plan. The admin can also generate money by charging sellers a membership fee for enrolling themselves for a set period of time.
  • How do the vendors make money?
Sellers can profit from payments. They may easily send payment requests to the administrator. The administrator, on the other hand, can either handle the payments manually or automate the procedure.
So, what do you think of Knowband's Prestashop Multi-seller Marketplace module? Do you wish to expand your business to the rest of the globe (literally, to increase your client base)? You may contact us by sending an email to support@knowband.com.
Why Choose Knowband?
Knowband is a prestigious name in the world of eCommerce plugins. In fact, the company shares the Superhero Seller Ranking on the Prestashop Addon Store because of its customer support, and other features. Knowband boasts about impeccable customer support because it believes in building a relationship with clients. You would be able to find numerous eCommerce plugins for platforms including Prestashop, Magento, Opencart, WooCommerce, and Shopify. Find them all at knowband.com.
  • How can sellers be a part of the Prestashop Marketplace?
In order to register themselves as sellers, the seller has to fill in a form ‘Register As Seller’. In order to do that, the admin has to enable the feature where the seller can do that from the back-end of the Prestashop Marketplace Addon.
  • Can the payment make by customer go directly to the seller?
No. That is not an option in the Prestashop Multi Vendor Marketplace Module. The module allows the payment to go directly to the admin. Further, the seller has to make a payout request from his dashboard. On the other hand, the admin has a choice to either automate the payout process or manually handle it.

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