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mady walker

737 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by mady walker 737 days ago
mady w 28 Biology Research Paper Topics You Can Get Started With 
1.      What is the function of the immune system in the human body?
2.      What can be done to stop hives from spreading?
3.      The mitochondria are the cell's powerhouse. What does this imply?
4.      What distinguishes plant cells from animal cells?
5.      Is human DNA alteration for the purpose of curing immunological diseases acceptable?
6.      What is MRNA, and what does it have to do with DNA?
7.      The essential elements of a DNA strand
8.      Autoimmune illnesses and how they influence the immune system of the body 
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9.      How are medications for humans created?
10.  How does a vaccination target a particular disease?
11.  Genes that are dominant vs. genes that are recessive
12.  Hormones and their role in the human body
13.  A gene's structure and components
14.  How do molecules enter and exit cells?
15.  The Immortality of Jellyfish
16.  What is the method through which whales communicate with one another?
17.  Coral reef conservation and restoration
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18.  PCR is used to test and analyse DNA. Discuss. 
19.  A molecule's three-dimensional structure
20.  What exactly is DNA transcription and how does it work?
21.  Is it feasible to speed up one's reaction time?
22.  Neurobiology explains headaches
23.  Human cloning: science fiction vs. reality
24.  Should we use gene therapy on a fetus to eliminate undesired traits?
25.  The process through which living creatures adapt to their surroundings.
26.  Disease resistance in plants is critical.
27.  Using diseases to attack invasive plants and weeds
28.  Should we bring extinct creatures back to life?
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1010 days ago
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1001 days ago
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