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Robert Wei (Freedman)

507 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Irvin Chen 507 days ago
Common Voice 句庫松 II (2019/2/23)
660 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Irvin Chen , Robert Wei (Freedman) , ettoolong 660 days ago
  • Firefox Dark Funnel Detective
Irvin C
  • 步驟
STEP 1: Search the web   
Use different  combinations of keywords (you can search in your own language!) to find  non-Mozilla sites that say they will let you download Firefox.  
STEP 2: Find “unofficial” Firefox Downloads  
Investigate these websites to find “unofficial Firefox download” buttons (links that don’t redirect to www.mozilla.org or subdomains).    
STEP 3: Report them   
Document those sites, how you found them, and what you found, using https://darkfunnels.herokuapp.com/
Still unsure on how to report? Check our video in the event's page
Keep rockin’ the open web!
  • 搜索到的網址副本

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