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jessica moore

651 days ago
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jessica m 4 Reasons Why All Students Should Use a Plagiarism CheckerUntitled
In college, most students avoid from using a plagiarism checker because they do not know about it and do not have time for plagiarism checking. Instead, students check their academic papers for copied content to ensure that they have developed a completely original paper. Using a plagiarism checker doesn't mean that you are dishonest because, at the end of the day, every person makes mistakes.
Several free plagiarism checker tools are quite effective because they suggest better sentences and show which sentences or paragraphs are copied. Moreover, they also mention the link of the source, which allows you to develop better content and avoid making the same mistake. On the other hand, if you submit plagiarised content, there is a high chance that your paper will be rejected or you will get poor grades.
Below are some of the reasons why you need to use a plagiarism checker:
  • Coverage of More Materials
Many plagiarism checkers are available online, but not all of them can improve your content. Moreover, they do not even have the level of efficiency students require to check their papers. 
However, you will also find plagiarism checkers that provide high-quality services and cover databases, periodicals, books, etc., that are unavailable online.
Since there are several thousands of already existing publications, a good quality and efficient plagiarism checker needs to have access to massive databases that can allow students to develop genuine copies.
  • Highlights the Copied Content
An excellent plagiarism checker highlights the areas which are copied. Unfortunately, sometimes students fail to detect the areas which have been copied or have forgotten to cite the sources. 
The plagiarism checker highlights the exact areas which are copied and suggests phrases and sentences that you can use to replace the content.
While researching, students often note down content and include it in their final paper without paraphrasing it or citing the sources, which ultimately makes the content plagiarised. 
Students can get out of this situation by using a plagiarism checker. You can also use a plagiarism checker to rate your paper and find out the quality, whether it has a high readability score or uniqueness etc
  • Offers Similarity Percentage
Another crucial feature that every high-quality plagiarism checker has is the ability to offer you the percentage of similarity.
Several institutions like universities and colleges use online presence checkers to ensure students have developed a genuine academic paper
Plagiarism checkers have software that shows a student's exact plagiarism percentage in the paper.
There is a standard percentage of similarity that universities and colleges allow students, but if that exceeds, then either the paper is rejected, or students receive poor grades.
  • Proof of Uniqueness
There are several online writing services. You also use plagiarism checkers so that students can provide 100% original paper when they ask for the solution. Most genuine plagiarism checkers displays a score of uniqueness. 
Apart from showing whether the paper is plagiarised or not, a decent plagiarism checker displays the quality of a paper.
Students are supposed to develop high-quality papers which are informative and unique. When they have doubts, they can use a plagiarism checker for multiple purposes and ensure that the content is highly unique and easy to read.
The above-discussed points show the significant reasons to use plagiarism checkers.
Summary- plagiarism checkers have always been present but finding a suitable plagiarism checker that offers all the features can sometimes be challenging.
 However, once you turn it into a habit to use plagiarism tools, you will understand how necessary it is to develop top-quality papers and ensure that every piece of information is original.
667 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by jessica moore 667 days ago
jessica m 5 Tips To Learn English QuicklyUntitled
English is one of the second most common languages in the world. That said, online English learning courses are gaining prominence among international students and workers.
Numerous international students from different universities look for various language courses. Some universities provide free language learning courses. However, it is seen that students look for quicker options for learning. You may get bored of the lengthy process. Thus to make learning exciting and faster, here are some tips.
  • Read relevant sources
From classical books to cereal boxes, start reading them if they're written in English. It contains a glossary of new words and terms. Therefore, reading will help you to increase your vocabulary. Alongside, you'll be able to use the new words to frame new sentences or examples. You can even try reading various proposal essay topics to be aware of the academic essays. But, primarily, the process will help you know the language's tidbits.
  • Watch plenty of series and films
This is another primary method that will help you learn the language quickly. Watching TV shows and series allows you to rewind and replay the exciting parts. Moreover, you can learn different dialects and tones of the language. So, you can speak in these ways while you're conversing with your classmates. Some famous series you can watch are Friends, The Walking Dead, The Crown, and some Hollywood films like The Good Bad and the Ugly, Seven, etc. These are readily available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Mubi, and other streaming services.
  • Follow some writing practice
Learning a language comes with writing practice. It is necessary as there will be a lot of paperwork in English. Initially, writing academic papers will be a little difficult for you. You can seek help from English assignment help services to get through your assignments. The regular practice of writing will fetch you to use new words. Eventually, you'll get better at writing.
  • Try conversing with people
What's the point of learning the language if you can't communicate? Conversations will help you to learn the language faster. It will allow you to make mistakes. You will even get hold of the dialects of the native speakers. Sometimes, talking helps you to speak your thoughts. To ace it ideally, you can join language-speaking courses or communities to enhance your speaking skills quickly.
  • Start listening to podcasts
Do you like listening to stories? Then this is another option for fast learning of the language. With podcasts, you can listen to various stories or language programs intricately. Nowadays, these podcast shows break down each topic into simpler subversions for better listening. Moreover, some apps, like Spotify, and Soundcloud, come with voice speed options. So you can use the feature for slow or fast listening. Also, you can listen to them anywhere on the go. Thus, the listening practice will help you to understand the language. At first, it can be a little difficult to understand native dialects. However, with practice, you'll get better at it.
Some international students often say to their classmates," please help me do my homework."
But now you won't need to ask. You might have understood that a quick learning hack is 'practice.' The probable practice and methods will help to reach your learning goals. Moreover, you'll soon pass from a novice to an expert level if you can rectify your mistakes. Start integrating the new language into various tools. You can start by changing your language settings on your phone and computer to English. Moreover, enjoy the process of learning. You'll soon achieve perfection in no time. Good luck!

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