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selena gomez

869 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by selena gomez 869 days ago
selena g What is exactly foxnews?
On an ideological scale, the average Fox News consumer is to the right of the average U.S.Fox news breaking news adult, but not as far to the right as the audiences of some other outlets. As part of the November survey, the Center grouped the audiences of 30 news outlets on a scale based on the self-described ideology and partisanship of those who said they had gotten political news from each outlet in the past week. (You can read more about this classification system in this Q&A.) Based on this scale, the average audience member for Fox News is more likely than the average U.S. 
869 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by selena gomez 869 days ago
selena g How to get Disney Plus for free?
If you are a new Verizon Wireless customer,disneyplus.com/start you can claim your free Disney Plus plan by creating and signing into your My Verizon account. You can do that either on the My Verizon website or via the My Verizon app. Once you are signed up, you should see the Disney Plus promotion. Click on the Get Disney+ selection and proceed through the normal signup process for the service. Disney Plus was, without a doubt, one of the biggest launches in the history of the premium streaming service industry. 

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