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861 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by final ank 861 days ago
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842 days ago
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final a Shahtar or Shakhtar
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Yet like all great players, he answers his critics on Delhi Bazaar Satta King  the field of play, a perfect pitch for this indomitable lion of Africa.
Why it is that the Russian and Ukrainian sound /h/ (like in Hull or Harvard) is (mis)represented in English by the letters "kh"?
It's been bugging me somewhat.
So, it should be Shahtar, not Shakhtar; also, Harkov, not Kharkov (or Harkiv, as the name is in Ukrainian).
Even funnier, some geniuses determined that the Ukrainian sound /g/ (almost like in Galloway or Glasgow, just a bit softer) should be transcribed into English with the letter "h"!
Thus, English transcribes the Ukrainian word Liga (League) as
Liha (!), but Shahtar as Shakhtar. And naturally, 99.9% of English
speakers will mispronounce both words... So weird.
843 days ago
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final a Wenger was on the line of fire, while Arsenal did not reinforce Singapore Togel
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Wenger. Jason Cowley, author of that memorable book on Arsenal and the end of the old First Division, 'The Last Game', wrote an important look at the current problem for manager Arsen Wenger.
The Frenchman's dream of Ajax on the Thames, who is hungry for reinforcements, and his best players Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri want to leave, may seem over forever.
With no trophies in six seasons and the prospect of the Togelese Singapore title as a triumphant success in the Champions League, Gunners fans are increasingly skeptical about the position of their semi-conical coach, which changes the way English football has been run and accepted. Arsenal from their historic Highbury. home to the new stadium in Ashburton Grove.
It's been a long time since 96 when Wenger left Nagoya Grampus Eight in London full of high dreams of changing the country's club and football culture.
Cowley writes Evening Standard, he believes
"It is also clear that this was exactly what he offered when he came play bazaar to London in 1996, and what gave him such a competitive advantage - knowledge of sports science, new ideas about food and the use of technologies such as Prozone players. Improve, etc. - is already the norm . In the past, Wenger was a continental sophistication as a progressive and modern figure, part boffin, part romantic visionary. Now, more than ever, he begins to look like a timeless man, someone who stays in the same job for a long time and is forced to watch confused and sad as the game changes its direction and the ways he does. it is not fun and over which it has no control. This new season will test him to the maximum. "
Premier League 2011/12 opening matches:
August 13 - Blackburn Vs. Wolves, Fulham Aston Villa, Liverpool Sunderland, QPR Bolton, Tottenham Everton, Wigan Norwich, Newcastle Arsenal.
August 14 - Stoke-Chelsea, West Brom-Man Utd
After August 15 - Man City vs. Swansea
- Sean O'Conor
Missive Monday
* ITALIAN STAGES SAME AS PIZZERIAS? How times change. In Italy in the 1990s, we were all amazed by the Italian football field, such as the Milan Wall as San Siro, the Turin Wall, the Stadio delle Alpi, the time of the Bari area in San Nicole and the unique miracle that Luigi Ferraris of Genoa wanted to have. such football cathedrals at home.
843 days ago
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final a Hara's Heroes heralds the arrival of Zaca Japan.
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'Hara's Heroes' Togel Singaporehint from 'Zac Japan' is coming
Finally, Japanese interim coach Hiromi Hara is most concerned about whether it's not too hot to wear a tie at the sideline.
Former coach of Urawa Reds and FC Tokyo and satta king current technical director of the Japan Football Association has finally gained an enthusiastic gray figure and has every reason to relax in the Japanese Kirin Cup match against Paraguay at the sold-out Nissan Stadium in Yokohama. .
Hara managed the base for two matches against Paraguay and Guatemala, but Alberto Zaccheroni is the real star of the Singapore show Togel after it was revealed late last month that he would take over the role of bag coach in Japan.
Visa restrictions forced Zaccheroni to watch Paraguay's clash from the rostrum with 65,157 fans on a hot night in the famous port city, and the Italian was delighted to see Borussia midfielder Dortmund Shinji Kagawa as a goal. Japan after an exciting win 1: 0. The match was a retaliation for an unsatisfactory Japanese defeat in the 16th round in a penalty shootout against Paraguay at the recent World Cup, and Samurai Blue fans may wonder why Kagawa did not travel to South Africa after appearing in the virtuoso midfield.
The 21-year-old scored the only goal of the match after a fierce pass by Keng Nakamura, who scored a perfect ball into the path of the raging Kagawa, who touched it before hitting him with an infallible end. forward. Justo Villar with a Paraguayan goal.
850 days ago
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final a South Africa’s only consolation was beating an imploding
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It took less than an hour of South Africa 2010 for South African hopes Delhi Bazaar Satta King to be sent soaring as the man with the Motown ditty name, Siphiwe Tshabalala, blasted a crisply volleyed strike into the Mexican goal, cranking the vuvuzelas up to eleven. Ooh Tshabalala, Tshabalala ding dong. Played out to the soundtrack of a broken fridge the greatest show on earth was finally on the road but it was a false dawn for the hosts.
The joy lasted just 25 minutes before Rafael Marquez became the first to spoil the fun with a leveller that ultimately led to Pengeluaran HKSouth Africa becoming the first hosts ever not to make the Last 16. Diego Forlan completed the party-pooping with two fine goals in a 3-0 win that propelled Uruguay to group winners and on to an eventual fourth place finish.
South Africa’s only consolation was beating an imploding France team in the final group game to condemn Les Blues to bottom place and home in shame, but a victory over a side coached by a walking dead man and chock full of incredible sulks is nothing to blow your horn about.
South Africa’s failure was mirrored by Nigeria, Algeria, Cameroon & Ivory Coast and so African attention switched to Ghana. The Black Stars carried the hopes of a continent on a glorious run to the quarter finals which ended in heartbreak against Uruguay as Luis Suarez’s ‘hand of the devil’ hammered the final nail into the Ghanaian coffin with a 120th minute handball that earned him a dismissal and Ghana the penalty chance to make history. Asamoah Gyan’s ballooned miss and subsequent success in a heartbreaking penalty shootout defeat provided this tournament’s Stuart ‘Psycho’ Pearce moment. African hopes withered and died but the vuvuzelas lived on, albeit with the pitch side microphones turned down.
Here’s a good quiz question – which was the only unbeaten team at South Africa 2010? Answer – New Zealand as I’m sure you already knew, you clever clogs. Three draws in the group stage saw the All Whites finish above an abysmal Italian side that went the same way as those moody Frenchies. Paraguay & Slovakia were the beneficiaries; both made it out of the group only to be sent packing by the two eventual finalists.
Spain did for Paraguay in the quarter finals en route to lifting the trophy on the back of four successive 1-0 wins, ensuring they became the lowest scoring champions ever with eight goals, five of them scored by David Villa who shared the golden boot with Germany’s Thomas Meuller and, very dubiously, Wesley Sneijder of Holland. Spain also became the first team to lift the trophy after losing their first game; to Switzerland, unsurprisingly 0-1.
Netherlands did not lose a game until the final where a late extra time Iniesta goal was all they deserved for attempting to clog their way to the trophy. Heavy footed spoiling tactics were an affront to the sublime total football attitude of their forebears but even then Arjen Robben had two gilt edged chances to win it. It was an inglorious end to a glorious run that featured wins over Slovakia, Brazil & Uruguay.
Brazil were generally disappointing with an unconvincing 2-1 victory over North Korea setting the tone in their opening game. They still managed to top a tricky group that included Ivory Coast & Portugal, and they saw off Chile easily enough in round two, but the Dutch were too strong in the quarter finals and Brazil were dispatched in a red mist of ill-discipline and acrimony.
Portugal racked up the biggest score of the tournament when they beat North Korea 7-0 but Cristiano Ronaldo failed to fire consistently and joined the growing ranks of underperforming super stars. Finishing second to Brazil ensured they met Spain to become the first of La Roja’s 1-0 victims.
For many an observer, Brazil had looked the most balanced team going into the finals. By the end of the first round of games it was Argentina who had snatched that title; and this for a team who were being guided by a madman.
Interlude: Diego Maradona is a madman; fact not opinion. His use of over 100 players in qualifying was topped when he selected 30 year old Ariel Garce for his final 23 man squad. Garce is a journeyman defender of 4 caps (3 friendlies in 2003 & a 4th recently against Haiti) who was taken because Maradona had a dream that Argentina won the World Cup and the only face he could remember was Garce’s. This story even beats Raymond Domenech’s cosmic selection strategy.
Maradona prowled the touchline in beard and suit and looked like he might bring himself on for Messi at any moment. In the end Messi ran out of steam, Maradona ran out of players to try and Argentina were walloped by those pesky Germans in the quarter finals.
Which brings us neatly to the only two football ‘super powers’ yet to be mentioned. The first, Germany, did as they always do – they brought their A-game to the finals and came third, scoring four goals in three separate matches and only being outdone by Puyol’s thumping header in the semi finals. They were very close to being world champions yet again with a team built on youth, ethics and teamwork.
The second, England, are a ‘super power’ in their own minds but actually couldn’t be further away from a second world title after a disastrous campaign in which their talisman left his heart at home, the coach lost his sanity, the defence lost each other, and the country finally realised they are simply not good enough. It’s like proud parents discovering that the apple of their eye has been placed in the remedial class at school. It was all topped off with an embarrassing Last 16 tonking by Germany and the most unbelievable non-decision in a World Cup game since the last unbelievable non-decision...which ironically involved England and a certain Argentine hand.
There were some players who made a name for themselves in South Africa (Thomas Mueller, Robert Vittek, Keisuke Honda, Mesut Özil, Asamoah Gyan, Landon Donovan), some who enhanced an already growing reputation (Diego Forlan, Wesley Sneijder), and several superstars who simply crashed & burned (Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, Fernando Torres, Kaka). There was also one, Miroslav Klose, who was cruelly denied by injury the chance to become the World Cup’s all-time leading scorer.
Ultimately the best team won and Paul the Octopus predicted it but South Africa 2010 will probably not be remembered for the football or Giovanni van Bronckhorst’s semi final goal, it will mostly be remembered for one thing – those bloody vuvuzelas.
851 days ago
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final a South Korea Strikes Back Data HKAgainst China
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South Korea Strikes Back Data HKAgainst China
It turns out that ‘Koreaphobia’ is a condition not easily cured. Delhi Bazaar Satta King  For South Korea and China, this week is the ‘decider’. The two neighbours have crossed swords twice this year already with the score resting at 1-1. Events over the next 48 hours will determine which nation emerges as the winner.
The Koreans have long had the upper hand when it comes to the beautiful game. In 32 meetings between the two national teams, China had never won. Such a Data HKwoeful record gave rise to the pseudo-psychological condition that described the fear of playing Korea. It was a term coined in the Middle Kingdom but taken up with gusto in the Land of the Morning Calm.
That all changed on a February evening in Tokyo when China shocked the Asian Tigers with a 3-0 win. The result wasn’t flattering in the least and it could easily have been more.
The victory was the best moment for Chinese football since they reached the 2004 Asian Cup final. It was greeted with a hail of happy headlines on the west side of the Yellow Sea and provoked gloom, doom and much soul-searching over on the east. Only a 2-0 win over Ivory Coast a month later lightened the mood ahead of the World Cup - that and last week’s results.
The Asian Champions League reached the halfway stage and as it did so, Korea’s four representatives in the competition met China’s quartet. Each of the eight groups contains four teams with the top two progressing to the second round. It was a clean sweep for Korea as all four K-League teams triumphed against Chinese Super league opposition.
Seongnam Ilhwa Chunma started the week coming back from a goal down at home against the Chinese champion. Beijing Guoan took the lead in the first half due to former Scotland international Maurice Ross but the Yellows hit back with three goals in the final twelve minutes to win 3-1 and stay on course for the second round.
Two hours later, Suwon Bluewings recorded a vital 2-0 victory in the Chinese province of Henan to cement its place at the top of Group G. A similar result in Wednesday’s return match at Suwon World Cup Stadium will likely see Cha Bum-keun’s team reach the knockout stage.
If Korean players think the winter is dragging on at home then Jeonbuk Motors faced freezing conditions in northern China at the home of Changchun Yatai. Jeonbuk coach Choi Kang-hee wondered aloud if the host watered the freezing pitch overnight in order to turn it into an ‘ice rink’.
The charge was denied. It didn’t matter in the end as though Changchun took the lead midway through the second half, late goals from ‘The Prince’ Choi Tae-wook and ‘The Lion King' Lee Dong-gook gave the Motors an impressive win in a tough environment. Changchun visit Jeonju on Tuesday.
The fantastic fourth win came on a bitterly cold night in Pohang. The Pohang Steelers were not at their best but still squeezed past the challenge of Shandong Luneng to win 1-0. The visitor missed a late penalty to end a bad week for Chinese soccer.
Naturally, it was mentioned by more than one media source in Korea though there was a good deal of restraint showed. The Beijing media was a little depressed but there was at least some sense of perspective from leading newspaper Titan.
“Our four teams shouldn’t give up,” said Titan. In the ‘Korea vs. China Asian Championship Series’, we lost 4-0 although the national team won 3-0 last month. We know we couldn't catch up with Japanese and Korean football in one night time but there is a long way to run. Our clubs shouldn’t give up their Asian Champions League hopes. That would be a much bigger shame.”
“All four Chinese clubs lost their match in ACL in single matchday, it is the first time this has happened.” Said 'Soccer'. “And they were all defeated by Korean rivals. We may have cured Koreaphobia in international matches for the first time in 32 years but the shameful results returned.”
Such sentiments could easily change over the next 48 hours.
851 days ago
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final a World Cup Togel Hongkong USA in 2018 or 2022
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World Cup Togel Hongkong USA in 2018 or 2022
Doug Band behind United States' Push to Host World Cup in 2018 or 2022
With the 2010 FIFA World Cup approaching in less than two months, Americans play bazaar  once again have soccer on their minds. Their attention can be attributed to the popular belief that this year will be Team USA's best chance to bring home their very first World Cup. While many Americans might only think about soccer during major events like the World Cup, the majority of countries around the world fiendishly follow the sport year-round. U.S. soccer fanatics are glad that their favorite sport is finally gaining some respect domestically, but Doug Band feels that even more popularity can be gained by bringing the World Cup to America.
President Clinton's personal advisor, Doug Band, Togel Hongkong recently obliged a request to join the Board of Directors for the United States Bid Committee. The committee aspires to bring the FIFA World Cup to the U.S. as soon as 2018. With the addition of Doug Band's support, the committee hopes to increase their chances of bringing the most widely followed international tournament to American soil. This is a huge opportunity for the United States to bring together many cultures that all have great interest in the sport. If the United States wins the bid; it would surely be a boost to their international image.
Band is a fantastic addition to the U.S. committee, not only because he's an avid fan of the game, but also because he realizes how this sport can unify disparate cultures and people. Because of the extensive work Doug Band has done with the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), he has garnered valuable experience in foreign relations. Along with former President Clinton, Band founded the CGI in 2005. Since then, CGI has reached out to millions across the globe by providing medical assistance, education opportunities, and environmental protection. The U.S. bid committee is determined to obtain their goal of a U.S. World Cup, and are fastidiously working to make that goal a reality. With Band's arrival, they now have a figure that understands the gravity of such a world event and wants to bring its cultural significance to America.

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